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Human Resources

Workplace Bullying: What It Looks Like and How to Stop It

BY Justin O. Walker

Learn what workplace bullying is and how you can create frameworks to prevent it.

Why You Should Let Your Employees Nap on the Job

BY Holger Reisinger

The key to productivity may actually be encouraging workers to sleep during the day.

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International Recruitment: How to Stop Overseas Assignments From Failing

BY Heather Darby

Most workers assigned abroad fail, but why? And what can HR do about it?

Decisions, Decisions: Hiring a Marketing Expert vs. Doing It Yourself

BY Tim Dearlove

Each has its pros and cons. These tips will help you decide which option is better.

Why You Need to Worry About Employee Burnout

BY Edward Page

Employee burnout isn't a personal issue; it's one that affects your entire organization.

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Why Every Company Needs a Deep Virtual Bench of Talent

BY Keith Johnstone

Here are 4 ways to recruit and retain star talent.

7 Tools to Better Manage Freelancers and Contractors

BY Cabe Atwell

Make your team of freelancers efficient and productive with these tech tools.

Should Your Business Use Arbitration Clauses in Employment Contracts?

BY Justin O. Walker

Let's explore the pros and cons of arbitration clauses for your business.

Vendors and Data Breaches: Why Your Valued Partners Are Also Security Threats

BY David Wagner

When you work with third parties, make sure your customers' data is safe with them.

How and When to Find Good Help: Hiring Tips From Experts

BY Taylor Perras

Before outsourcing any of your business operations, make sure they're worth the price.

Could a 'Third Place' In Your Office Make Your Employees More Productive?

BY Lynette Reed

More businesses are integrating third-space concepts in their workplace design.

3 Reasons Why Your Seasonal Hires Should Be Millennials

BY Deborah Sweeney

Tech savviness aside, here's how millennial hires can give back to your business.

How to Hire a Great Web Developer

BY Matt D'Angelo

Finding the right help can be daunting, but there are some useful tips to ease your pain.

5 Ways to Increase Business Productivity

BY Steve Wilson

Use these tools and approaches to boost productivity, efficiency in your office

Navigating Your Team to a Successful IPO and Beyond

BY Mike Tuchen

Advice from a CEO one year after going public

3 Marks of a Bad Legal Blog Post – and 8 Marks of a Good One

BY Qamar Zaman

It's better for a law firm not to blog at all than to have a bad blog. Here are some tips.

Annual Reviews are Out. Performance Management Is In

BY Stuart Hearn

These are the core elements of an effective performance management system.

7 Great Time Clock Software Applications

BY Megan Totka

Eliminate fraud and increase accuracy, efficiency with these 7 software apps.

Is Your Office Space Making You Depressed? 5 Ways Environment Affects Productivity

BY Meredith Wood

If you want to get a leg up on the competition, consider your office environment.

How Peace Plays a Role in the Workplace

BY Lynette Reed

Create a refuge of balance and stability for your employees in a changing world