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Latest: Advice, Tips and Resources in HR Topics

The 10 Biggest Litigation Mistakes Companies Make
BY Joseph Saltiel

Should your business find itself in legal trouble, avoid these pitfalls.

If You Want Young Talent, Make Your Office More Social
BY Steve Robertson

Gen Z is entering the workforce. What makes them tick?

How to Get Your Employees on Board With Brand Advocacy
BY Manish Dudharejia

Your employees' posts on their own networks can be one of your best tools.

8 Effective Ways to Keep Track of Your Business's Legal Information
BY Scott Gerber

These systems offer convenient, secure ways your business can track its legal documents

Should You Hire a Lawyer When Launching Your Business?
BY Mason Cole

Here are 4 areas where hiring a business attorney can pay off for your startup.

Get Creative: A Professor's Tips on Bringing Creativity to Your Business
BY Chad Brooks

Even if you're not in a creative industry, creativity is still critical to success.

Assessing Employee Engagement: 4 Ways Leadership Can Step Up
BY Jason Richmond

Engage your workforce with these 4 go-to motivators.

How the New Tax Law Will Affect Your Paycheck
BY Marcus Arkan

Don't be surprised by a huge tax bill next April.

How to Create an Employee Wellness Program
BY Chad Brooks

Wellness expert offers tips on keeping employees physically and mentally healthy.

How to Create a Talent Management Process
BY Sammi Caramela

A talent management process seeks to recruit, develop and retain top talent.

How to Effectively Monitor Your Remote Workers
BY Isaac Kohen

Tracking employee engagement doesn't have to lead to a lack of trust.

Why Growing Employees Is Key to Growing Your Business
BY Rob Reid

Prevent employee churn with these three tips.

Why Online Job Platforms Do Not Guarantee a Fast and Easy Job Search
BY Vlad Dobrynin

Most online job platforms have hidden downsides.

How do I work with team members located in different parts of the world?
QUESTION | BY Jana Bonner | 23 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 06/18/18

I want to work effectively with team members located in different parts of the world. How do I ensure that location, time difference, culture and beliefs and personality will not affect my work with...

A Guide to Small Business Overtime Laws
BY Adam Uzialko

Find out who qualifies, how much they must be paid and what it will cost you if you don't.

Pets Go to Work: If You Follow These Tips
BY editorial staff

Creating an office pet policy for your business? Here are five crucial points to include.

11 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Software Development Company
BY Dhananjay Goel

An idea for an app, website or software product needs a developer to become successful.

5 Ways to Help Your IT Department Run Effectively
BY Daan Pepijn

IT departments are often unsung heroes. Here's how you can make their job easier.

4 Hiring Challenges Facing Small Business Owners
BY Jeff Zinser

Learn how to overcome hiring obstacles to add ideal candidates to your team.

How to Identify a True Leader
BY editorial staff

If you're looking to expand your team, make sure new hires are strong leaders.