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Focus on Selling: 4 Tools to Help You Run Your Retail Store on a Budget
By Lucinda Watrous | April 05, 2016

Check out these tools to help you manage critical parts of your business, even if your cash flow isn’t where you want it to be.

Home Is Where the Cash Is: Building Your Real Estate Business from the Ground Up
By Fred Cohen | March 08, 2016

As the financial crisis fades into the rearview mirror, many entrepreneurs might be encouraged to get back into the real estate game.

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Even Out Retail Seasonality: Picking Up the Slack During Off-Peak Seasons
By business.com editorial staff | February 11, 2016

Most businesses are cyclical. The key question is: what do you do during the slow periods besides wait for things to pick up again?

Fashion Forward: Top 10 Retail Trends for 2016
By Karen McCandless | December 21, 2015

We foresee big changes for retail this new year. Here's a list of 10 trends to keep you up to date on the ever-evolving industry.

Farm to Table: Must's for Building a Green Strategy in Food and Beverage
By Dr. Keith Peterson | November 10, 2015

Due to global climate concerns, as well as a number of other environmental and consumer-preference factors, businesses have begun focusing their advertising campaigns and marketing materials around...