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How do I pick a topic to blog about?
QUESTION | BY Kelly Garofalo Smith | 35 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 11/30/16

I have always wanted to write a blog, and I see other people writing about all different topics. I want to write something that people will actually read. What are popular topics; family, work,...

How did you decide on which niche to serve?

Okay, everyone talks about picking your niche. In reality I believe that you don't pick your niche - it picks you. There have been times when I thought "oh, I should go after the aerospace...

Any recommendations on a password manager system?
QUESTION | BY Erica Stewart | 41 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 11/08/16

I know it is highly recommended to not use the same password for everything. I have so many different online accounts, it has become difficult to create new passwords that are strong enough and not...

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Is it better to terminate or reassign an employee that is not working out?
QUESTION | BY Jen Ostrosky | 51 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 11/03/16

I have spent a lot of time training an employee. She is a great person, but I have to remind her several times to do something. I am not sure if she is just not in the right role or if she will...

What is one reason you could give a business owner for why a business has to grow?

Don't explain, just list a thought... I did a training presentation recently on Creating Growth Mindsets for Business and started it with the question above. Avoiding cliches (grow or die), we...

I literally don't know what to do next. Am I capable of being a business owner?

I'm working full time trying to get my small business to attract customers. I think I have a good social network presence, but I'm finding it difficult to continue taking action and push forward. I...

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Is an apprenticeship equal to work experience?
QUESTION | BY NECA Education & Careers | 25 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 10/26/16

Apprenticeship also enables practitioners to gain a license to practice in a regulated profession. Would you consider this equal to work experience?

How can I keep the millennials working for my company more than a year or two?

It has been difficult to keep my young employees for more than a year or a two. I am a millennial, and before I founded my own company I also had jumped from company to company every couple of years....

What is the right time to approach investors with my business idea?
QUESTION | BY Mantazh Khanna | 13 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 10/21/16

I know that it takes a while to bring investors on board but I'd love to know what you think about whether or not there is a right time and what dictates being READY for investor mtgs.

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What networking opportunities would enable me to meet CEOs, COOs, CFOs and HR Executives of small and midsize companies in NH and MA?
QUESTION | BY Rosanna Nadeau | 13 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 10/21/16

I find that executives are generally the contacts that most often hire me for consulting engagements, but I find it challenging to find networking events attended by people at those career levels....

Is it better to take a bad job with a good boss or a good job with a bad boss?
QUESTION | BY Sadiq Sagheer | 45 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 10/16/16

Currently I'm working with a good boss but the job isn't that great (because there is no future there and pay isn't that great). I recently found a good job (pay is good with medical insurance,...

Today knowledge is not power, but sharing knowledge is. Do you agree? Disagree?
QUESTION | BY Davinder Khanna | 30 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 10/10/16

With such generous sharing of professional expertise on social media, would you agree with the above statement? How has such sharing has benefited your business?

Why is it important to register your business?
QUESTION | BY Michael De Leon | 7 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 10/07/16

I would like to know the different reasons for registering and obtaining the necessary permits and licenses when starting a business.

What is the difference between Customer and Client?
QUESTION | BY Asmaa Lasheen | 28 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 10/07/16

After reading about "What is the difference between Customer and Client" I saw many opinions on this, what's the right answer?

Like Mosaic Hub, what are good sites to develop networking and business connections as well a finding client bases?
QUESTION | BY Shawn Stewart | 6 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 10/07/16
Potential co-founders say my idea is too difficult, should I give up?
QUESTION | BY Sandra Gomez | 30 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 10/06/16

My company is peer to peer lending but the tech co-founders I've been interviewing say my idea is too difficult. They seem to be scared of the bigger competitors. What should I do?

How can an introvert be successful in business?
QUESTION | BY Anonymous User | 32 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 09/28/16

I have a great business idea and have thought through a business plan on paper. The problem is I am not good at sales and have no desire to become a salesperson. I enjoy being behind the scenes. How...

Goodbye, Cable: Can You Cut the Cord at Your Restaurant?
BY Keegan Green

People continually cut cable out of their lives and that begs the question: Should we cut it out of bars and restaurants too?

Would you hire someone that didn't graduate from college?
QUESTION | BY Asmaa Lasheen | 30 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 09/20/16

If you are going to hire someone, and he has all the skills and qualifications that you need... BUT he didn't graduate from any college: 1- I'll hire him 2- I'll hire him (less salary) 3-...

A Winning Plan: 5 Best Growth Strategies to Introduce Consumer Products in a Competitive Market
BY Hassan Mansoor

Whether you want to introduce your consumer products in the competitive market, you need the best growth strategies to excel.

Are you a solopreneur? If so, what is the biggest challenge you face?
QUESTION | BY Scott H. Zucker | 32 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 09/10/16

I am curious if the biggest challenge faced by a solopreneur will vary based on the geography of the business (i.e. US vs UK vs India vs Australia, etc.). I am interested in identifying what...

Things to Consider Before Presenting Your Idea to Investors
BY Tommy Wyher

Here is how to prepare before pitching an invention idea to an investor.

Do you charge for the first "meet the team" meeting?
QUESTION | BY Libby Anthony | 41 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 09/01/16

I recently landed a new client and we have both signed a contract and agreed on my hourly rate. The client wants me to come in to the office to meet the rest of the team, and I'm not sure if I should...

Does playing sports help people work better as a team at work?
QUESTION | BY Eagle Stadium | 13 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 09/01/16

Sports develops a team spirit in players so it is essential for all of us to take interest in games and sports. What is your experience?

What has been your experience working with partners?
QUESTION | BY Andrea Rozman | 13 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 08/28/16

I'm interested in hearing about experiences you've had bringing in partners to your business. What works? What doesn't? What should you have done but didn't do? What are the "must dos?" Do you...

What is the best way to get a meeting with another business owner?
QUESTION | BY Grant Holsberg | 25 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 08/28/16

I am new business owner in a small community and I am just looking to network and attract new clientele. I have tried emailing, phoning, and setting up in-person meetings with other business owners...

Is it safer to run my own business or work for a larger company?
QUESTION | BY Jeff Harris | 45 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 08/26/16

I have been working on my own business, more as a hobby, on the side and am now working to make it a full-time business. I have been debating with my wife the security of having my own business as...

Should I tell my current employer about a side business I am working on?
QUESTION | BY Sara Connors | 33 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 08/18/16

I am not sure whether I need to or should tell my current employer about a side business I am starting. It is not competitive with the company I work for but I don't want anyone to get upset if they...

Which is more important as a startup: hard work or luck?
QUESTION | BY Zack Lombardi | 41 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 08/13/16

I know hard work is important, but I have seen a lot of entrepreneurs work really hard, have great ideas, but who just cannot seem to succeed. I have seen other entrepreneurs succeed quickly with...

5 Ways You Can Improve Customer Retention in Your Restaurant
BY Zac Johnson

Discover some of the best ways to improve any existing restaurant business through customer perks, incentives and business management tools.