Resource Nation and Lead Industry in Click Fraud Prevention

SAN DIEGO, Dec. 20, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Resource Nation and sister site,, continue to provide the highest quality clicks to its customers.

"Being the quality leader in the B2B lead generation space, it's important we consistently take measures to also deliver quality traffic to our pay-per-click customers," says Robert Swisher, Chief Technology Officer at the company.

Click fraud is a pay per click advertising crime, when a person or automated script clicks on an ad with no interest in the target link. "Click fraud is happening on the web, it's just a matter of preventing it to ensure you are delivering quality clicks," says Swisher.

According to Click Forensics, the average click fraud rate was 22.3% on all PPC ads in Q3 2010. Many bots and site crawlers have malicious intent, and do not follow the pre-determined Internet rules, which can lead to inflated click volume. One way Resource Nation combats these issues is storing and eliminating botnet clicks and implementing a tiered temporary ignore period. The software flags inhuman behavior and ignores those systems that increase clicks for advertisers.

Resource Nation's B2B pay-per-click program allows advertisers to drive purchasers directly to their website. Resource Nation is also one of the fastest growing B2B lead generation companies connecting businesses with local and national vendors in over 150 categories.


From local proprietors to Fortune 500 companies, Resource Nation connects business purchasers to pre-screened vendors. Its additional online properties, including and, provide powerful tools to help buyers find, compare and connect to quality vendors. The vendor comparison tool on empowers homeowners and businesses with the information necessary to make educated decisions. The directory offers a list of pre-screened vendors for buyers who want to manage their own search. Resource Nation drives millions of buyers to its web properties, making it one of the largest marketplaces for business buyers and sellers to connect online.

SOURCE Resource Nation

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