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*Our Top 3 CRM Software for 2024 *Our Top 3 CRM Software for 2024

See expert comparisons, reviews and prices for our top-rated CRM Softwares this year.

Last Updated: June 24, 2024

Our Choice for Growing Businesses

What we like
  • Prebuilt reports and custom dashboards
  • Lead management features like lead scoring
  • Cloud-based system with mobile app

Our Choice for Sales Pipeline Tools

What we like
  • Track deals, win probabilities, close dates and more
  • Built-in artificial intelligence
  • Set up in minutes, no technical skills needed

Benefits of CRM Software

A major benefit of using CRM software is to gain an understanding of what your customers want from your business. This keeps you from wasting time guessing what their needs are.

A CRM system gives you the tools to organize all of your customer data in one place. It ensures you have a full picture of your current and potential customers, their needs, and detailed records of what you have discussed with them in the past.

CRM software is a great way to strengthen those consumer relationships and personalize the way you market to them. It is also a big help to your marketing, sales and customer service teams, letting them organize customer data more efficiently and move through their sales tasks quickly.

Costs of CRM Software

Most customer relationship management software is priced on a per-person, per-month basis. Many companies opt for annual billing to simplify the payment process and save money (most services reduce the per-month price if you pay annually rather than monthly). With that in mind, these are the general pricing tiers you can expect.

  • $10 to $15: Inexpensive CRM products are a great option for tiny businesses with modest needs, and many services only charge $10 to $15 per user per month. Affordable systems like these don't usually require much in-house tech support to implement. If you want a fast solution with minimal hassle, this price range is a great place to start. Just make sure the storage options meet your needs; low-cost CRMs usually cap the number of customer records you can store.
  • $20 to $40: For additional features and a broader range of integrations with third-party systems, a CRM in the $20-$40 range will likely meet your needs. The majority of CRM software we reviewed falls into this price range, because it's designed to meet the needs of the SMB set. As you peruse options in this price range, check for limitations on the number of supported users and storage caps that could force you to upgrade to higher-priced plans.
  • $50 to $75: CRM software that falls in the $50-$75 range per user is typically intended for enterprise use. Such systems often include options to integrate with legacy systems and allow greater customization than other CRMs. As powerful as they are, systems like these are not necessary for most small businesses.
  • $250 or more: High-end CRM systems often provide extensive training, customization and implementation services with the software. Another reason for the steep cost of these solutions is that they are not cloud services; instead, they can be hosted locally, which is a boon for organizations with unique security needs.

Most CRM services offer free trial periods for new customers, so you can test-drive the system of your choice without the risk of sinking money into a product that ultimately doesn't work for you.

Popular Features of CRM Software

When you seek a CRM program, it's important to know what you need. Here are common features you'll find in CRM systems so you can decide which ones would best serve your business.

Workflow Automation Workflow automation is the basis of how your system moves and the automatic actions within the software. For example, you could set the software to automatically send a message to a sales representative whenever a customer fills out a form on your website. This feature moves certain procedures and data along within your program, minimizing your workload and taking care of the tiny details of your team's sales and marketing tasks.

Reporting CRM reports break down your sales and marketing data to help you better understand and analyze leads, customers' buying behaviors, the number of outbound calls your team makes, and other important marketing metrics. Some CRMs offer more report types than others – with some allowing you to tailor your own reporting metrics – and more ways to view the data, such as in bar graphs or pie charts.

Customer Data Management Understanding your customers is the first step in running a successful business. Customer data management tools allow you to organize data on customers clearly, helping you improve customer relationships.

Customization Making your CRM your own will reduce the learning curve of using it and ensure it provides the information you need. When a program is customizable, you can pick the features you want and mold your contact fields, dashboard, reports, extensions, and plugins to best support your needs and budget.

Third-Party Integrations Third-party CRM integrations provide a wider range of tools to use within your system. You can connect your CRM to programs with features the CRM may not have, such as your email marketing or accounting software. This saves you from manually entering data you already have in another program, constantly flipping between apps, and spending money on additional tools for your CRM.

To ensure you get the most out of your CRM system, outline what you're looking for and need before buying. This will keep you from overpaying for features you'll never use.

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