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Intellectual Property Essentials
By editorial staff | March 31, 2020

Aggressive intellectual property protection allows a business to protect hard work.

How to Prepare for a Change of Leadership
By editorial staff | March 27, 2020

Help ease the transition and prepare your workers for new leadership.

5 Important HR Considerations in the Time of COVID-19
By Kelly O'Connell | March 26, 2020

COVID-19 has forced many companies to rapidly change their approach to work, raising crucial HR concerns. Here are some practical insights on five key policy areas.

4 Reasons to Invest in the Gig Economy
By Amulya Parmar | March 26, 2020

Gig economy players are disrupting economies, communities and, most importantly, history.

From COVID-19 to Hurricane Season: Disaster Preparedness for Small Business
By Sean Peek | March 25, 2020

Natural disasters – whether a hurricane, tornado or outbreak like COVID-19 – can have a disastrous effect on small businesses, but they don't have to. Here's how to weather a disaster successfully.

4 Reasons Accepting Your Flaws Will Make You a Better Leader
By editorial staff | March 24, 2020

Owning up to your mistakes and embracing your flaws is an important part of leadership.

Can anyone recommend a good but simple team communication tool?
By Kate Strickler | 46 Answers | Last Activity on March 23, 2020

I am working with a few people on a project and we keep sending around a lot of emails. I don't want to use a complex project management tool, as I think that would be too much. I would like to find...

How Should Entrepreneurs Pay Themselves?
By editorial staff | March 19, 2020

As an entrepreneur, you're the one paying yourself, and it's not always a steady income.

Working Remotely Thanks to COVID-19? How to Make the Best of It
By Deborah Sweeney | March 17, 2020

Are you and your team working remotely during the coronavirus outbreak? Here's how you can stay focused and on task, while helping your team to do the same.

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What is the best way to manage a team that is virtual?
By S. Thomas Warden | 25 Answers | Last Activity on March 17, 2020

I now have several people on my team and most people are working virtually. Two of us are in the same city, but the rest are in different time zones. I would like to start having weekly staff...

Are Employee Rewards Programs a Good or Bad Idea?
By editorial staff | March 17, 2020

Employee incentives do not always have to involve money. Many employees just want to hear a "thank you" and "great job."

12 Reasons Employees Quit (and How to Prevent It)
By Sean Peek | March 17, 2020

Are you having a hard time retaining employees? It could be due to one (or more) of these reasons.

How Can You Change the Diversity and Inclusion Status Quo at Your Company?
By Angela Koch | March 13, 2020

It can seem like a daunting task, but if you follow these four steps, you'll be well on your way to improving both the diversity and inclusivity of your company.

Can Managers Become Leaders?
By editorial staff | March 12, 2020

Follow these five steps and become a better leader today.

What is the best project management software?
By Kritika Pandey | 18 Answers | Last Activity on March 12, 2020

I am looking for some good project management software recommendations for my start-up company.

How to Effectively Minimize Employees Wasting Time at Work
By editorial staff | March 11, 2020

If you're not proactive, your team might spend more time on social media than their work.

What's the best multi-client project, task and document management software?
By Kara Brown | 7 Answers | Last Activity on March 10, 2020

I'm an independent with a growing retainer-based business. I'm looking for a software to help me track projects, to-do lists, document management and sharing, etc. for all my clients. Right now...

What to Do if ICE Serves Your Business With a Form I-9 Audit
By Sammi Caramela | March 10, 2020

Make sure you're prepared should Immigration and Customs Enforcement come knocking.

How Businesses Can Make the Most of Location-Based Technology
By editorial staff | March 09, 2020

See smart and successful ways businesses are using location-based tech.

Everything Small Business Owners Need to Know About Personnel Files
By Dennis O’Keefe | March 09, 2020

Learn why employment records are essential for small businesses and how to establish and maintain them for your workforce.

Should You Provide Food for Your Employees?
By editorial staff | March 09, 2020

It's easier to treat a small workforce to a meal, but there are ways to feed large teams.

The Biggest Trends in Employee Training
By Ulrich Boser | March 05, 2020

As a leader, you never want your team to stop learning. Through both high-tech and practical methods, you can engage your employees in memorable, effective learning experiences.

3 Ways to Replace Yourself in Leadership Roles
By George Brooks | February 26, 2020

Letting go is never easy, but as a small business owner, you need to focus on high-level strategy while your team handles the day-to-day work. Use these three strategies to get started.

How to Develop a Business Credit Card Expense Policy
By Matt D'Angelo | February 24, 2020

Business credit cards can be useful, but how can you tailor a credit card expense policy for your employees to follow?

How Leaders Can Master the Art of Empowering Employees
By Abeer Raza | January 30, 2020

Employees want to feel important, and when the company they work for believes in their work, they become far more productive and engaged.

How to Empower Your Team to Self-Lead
By Jared Atchison | January 27, 2020

Your business is only as strong as the people behind it.

Environmental Scanning: How CEOs Can Stay Ahead of the Curve and Beat the Competition
By Ken Gosnell | January 24, 2020

A leader’s biggest regret can be missing a clearly identifiable trend or failing to make a single change that would have been essential to making a key pivot or decision. The CEO has the...

How to Automate Your Business
By Ibrahim Hanif | January 16, 2020

Before your business can expand to multiple locations, you need to automate how it runs by establishing a department chart, KPIs and training manuals.

A Primer on Timeclock Apps and Your Business
By Andrew Martins | January 14, 2020

You need an accurate record of when your employees are on the clock. Here are some apps that can help.

The Best Medical Practice Management Software of 2020
By Adam Uzialko | December 30, 2019

Medical practice management software is essential to the efficient administrative function of a modern medical practice. Here's the best of 2020.