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Creating a Market Research Plan

BY Barbara Whitaker

Tools on the Web make market research easier than ever

Table Skirting Types and Styles

BY Tai G.

Enhance your business by offering your clients a variety of table skirting types and styles

Marketing to Parents

BY Shannon Tani

Easily reach a target audience of parents

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Mail Boxes Laws and Regulations

BY Emily Lugg

Ensure the safety of the contents in your home and office mailboxes

Calculating Your Advertising Budget

BY Elaine Grant

Some great online tools can help you plan your advertising investment

Marketing to College Students

BY Matt Alderton

Find future customers when you get schooled on student trends and targets

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Telecommunications Advertising and Marketing

BY Sharisa Lewis

Find a telecommunications advertising and marketing strategy that's right for your company

Pricing and Costs of Mortgage Lead Generation

BY Autumn Rivers

Know how to get real estate leads that fit your company and budget

How to Prepare Direct Mail for a Postage Discount

BY Jon Miles

Save money on your next direct mail campaign.

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Market Research Industry Overview

BY John Williams

The business of studying business: market research industry overview

Creating a Customer Database

BY Jenni Simcoe

Stay organized and increase efficiency with a customer database

Creating a Sales Manual

BY Amy Gesenhues

Build a winning sales force by giving your team a tool to live by

Agriculture Advertising and Marketing

BY Sandy Crouch

Plant seeds of success with agricultural marketing

Preparing Graphic Files for Offset Printing

BY Peter Kirkham

How you can supply artwork to your printer & save a bundle

Transportation and Logistics Advertising

BY Sandy Crouch

Drive revenue by utilizing transportation industry advertising

How to Write a Company History

BY Judy Artunian

A well-written company history can entice prospective customers, investors and employees

How To Make A Magazine Ad That Sells

BY editorial staff

How Get Readers' Attention, Keep Them Reading And Make Them Take Immediate Action

Decision Support Systems (DSS) Applications and Uses

BY J. Stoltzfus

Learn some specific uses for DSS in business

Negotiating an Advertising Barter Agreement

BY Brian Luskey

How to Acquire Ad Space Without a Marketing Budget

Concert Event Planning for Beginners

BY Raechel L. Conover

Where to start and what to think about when concert event planning