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Back to Black: How To Combat A Decline in Sales
BY Dustin Thompson

How do you combat declines in sales when the economy is to blame? See how this business turned their sales around in just two years.

The Mind of an Online Shopper: A Peek Inside Ecommerce Buying Behavior
BY Jonha Revesencio

Understanding consumer behavior can help improve existing marketing campaigns and your current ecommerce strategy.

77% of People Read Online Reviews Before Buying: Are They Finding You?
BY Jimmy Rodela

Are you looking for a tried-and-tested online marketing strategy that can explode your sales? Product reviews can help you just that.

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What's the best way to determine which marketing efforts are best for my business?
QUESTION | BY Brett Strickler | 14 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 07/23/15

My family has been involved in small businesses for over 4 decades. These businesses have all been local small businesses. Now I am working on an online business and need to explore very different...

Where to Write: Platforms for Boasting Your Thought Leadership
BY Michelle Kruse

Not all platforms are created equal, thought leadership comes in all shapes and sizes, and there's one that's just right for you.

Pin It to Win It: The Do's and Don'ts of Advertising On Pinterest
BY Greg Shuey

With promoted pins still in their beta phase, there’s a lot to learn about how to make the most of the platform and drive results.

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Batter Up: How to Pitch Content to Major Publications for Search Exposure
BY Thomas Stern

Guide to Growing Search Authority with Off-Page SEO

How we can increase web pages ranking in google?
QUESTION | BY Naved Anwar | 15 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 07/20/15

I want to increase my web portal awareness.

Retail or E-tail? Buying Online Vs. Buying in Person
BY Kristen Gramigna

The Truth Is, Your Customer Craves Both

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How does a marketing consultant guarantee their services?
QUESTION | BY Roderick Low | 8 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 07/19/15

Hi, I would like to find out how do marketing consultants offer a guarantee to their services? What methods do they use to both guarantee their services (so that the clients don't see it as a...

Best Facebook Marketing Strategies: The Latest Tips
BY Sudeep Banerjee

In the world of social media, Facebook is still the social network to advertise on and engage your audience. Make the most of your efforts.

Interview Questions to Ask an Email Marketing Manager [Infographic]
BY editorial staff

Email marketing is a key part of a good digital marketing mix, but the person in charge of this direct channel is often overlooked.

You're Doing it Wrong! 5 Don'ts in Facebook Advertising
BY Jerry Low

Using Facebook for advertising can greatly increase your brand engagement, but be sure to avoid these 5 Facebook don'ts.

Can I Use Your Face to Sell My Product? Understanding Right of Publicity Laws
BY Daliah Saper

Before using a person's image for financial or commercial benefit, know what Right of Publicity is and how it can affect your business.

Resurrecting the Consumer Buying Cycle: Creating Compelling Content that Converts
BY John Meyer

In today's highly connected world, data-driven content can move customers through the buying cycle with more impact.

A One Minute Video Is Worth 1.8M Words: Content Marketing's Newest Weapon
BY Larry Alton

Forget blogging for content marketing. Video packs more of a punch—here's how you can utilize it to engage your customers and get heard.

Kicking Ass With Multimedia: Content Marketing's Hidden Secret
BY Steward Hudson

These days, we hardly notice how much we are surrounded by multimedia content. Are you using videos, photos and infographics as your media?

What We Learned From Etsy's Top Sellers
BY Diana Mackie

The most successful sellers on Etsy employ similar tactics to rake in the cash with their unique products. Take cues from these standouts.

How can I grow my business with more services?
QUESTION | BY Reyna Washington | 7 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 07/13/15

Well I already wear many hats in my business. I have a platform to sell my clothing line and I offer consulting through my blog and I also post how to videos on YouTube. The one thing moving slowly...

What is the difference between a visual designer, a graphic designer & a web designer?

I've been called a lot of things in my life. I'm good with that. What I'm struggling with is my job title. At risk of putting a guy in a box, how would you compare these 3 titles?