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Future Trends in the Mom Space: Maximizing Marketing Insights
BY Stacy DeBroff

In order to stay competitive, consumer brands must develop a marketing strategy for Moms. Here's some advice for grabbing their attention.

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5 Psychological Reasons Customers Say No To You
BY Niraj Ranjan

Psychology and marketing go hand in hand. Marketers can benefit from the vast amount of surveys and research that psychologists have done.

Is the Cost of a Website Tax Deductible?
BY Adam Brewer

As a website designer, I get asked this question all the time; especially in the months of October, November, & December.

What Were They Thinking? The Worst Advertising Mistakes
BY Carolyn Smurthwaite

We scoured the Internet, saw people's reactions and discovered how companies responded to provide you with this list of awful advertising.

Attending vs. Exhibiting: Should You Spend Big Bucks on a Trade Show?
BY John Hingley - Dasheroo

On the fence about spending money on a trade show as an attendee or exhibitor? Answer these 5 questions to help you reach a decision.

Tokenization 101: How It Works and Why Your Business Needs It
BY Kristen Gramigna

Tokenization is the most important new technologies merchants can leverage to protect customer's payment information.

How to Create an Amazing Direct Mail Piece to Generate Holiday Sales
BY Marc Prosser

Making a great holiday card doesn't have to be difficult or costly.

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$6.9 Billion in Consumer Spending this Halloween is Spooky
BY Zac Johnson

Scary numbers on consumer spending during Halloween that just keep increasing year after year.

25 People You Need to Meet at Money 20/20 in Las Vegas
BY Brian Hughes

The Who’s Who of Money 20/20’s Top Financial Tech Innovators

What is the best way to identify my exact target market and build relationships with them?

I am in my 9th year of owning my company. I am struggling to find the customers who want a company to do everything lawn maintenance related for them. I have found that people are willing to pay a...

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How can I penetrate the food service industry?
QUESTION | BY Serge Dagher | 2 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 10/23/15

I work in a food agent company that imports food products from all over to Lebanon. Our new strategy is to penetrate the food service industry with one of our products so it will be used in...

Analyze This: The Comprehensive Guide to Social Media Analytics
BY Sarah Landrum

74% of online adults use social media, making it a crucial part of any business's marketing plan. Are you tracking its performance?

What is the Point of View of Your Business?
BY Taylor Ellwood

What is the Point of View of your Business? Why you need to explore the point of view of your business from a marketing perspective

Who Are You Hiring? Meet the Millennials [INFOGRAPHIC]
BY editorial staff

You already know that Millennials are a huge and influential group. But WHO are they exactly? Our latest infographic breaks it down.

Sales Coaching Is a Must: What to Consider and How to Execute
BY Doug Dvorak

Important Factors to Consider Before Engaging in Sales Coaching

Make It Memorable: Tips for Creating an Effective Brand Name
BY Larry Alton

For a new business, creating and effectively marketing a new brand name is one of the most challenging aspects of starting a business.

Integrity: Have It Or Fail
BY Ed Drozda

You can build a better mousetrap, compete on price and dazzIe your customers with rave service but if you are hiding something they'll know it_

Is Social Media Really Making Us Less Social?
BY Hannah Liversidge

I take a look into a recent study, and I ask if social media is really making us less social, and what does social really mean?

A Hand-Held World: The Future of Mobile Advertising
BY Jacob William

The market for mobile advertising is evolving fast, and could soon present your largest opportunity. Here's how to make the most of it.

Is video blogging better than written blogs these days?
QUESTION | BY Caitlin Flannigan | 28 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 10/19/15

I am seeing more and more videos and articles about the popularity of videos. I personally like learning through watching videos and also find them easy to listen to when doing other things. ...