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Everything you need to know about marketing to drive new sales, and how to keep your existing customer base.

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Do you use Mind Mapping Software?
By Salma Burney | 19 Answers | Last Activity on February 15, 2013

What mind mapping software do you like, pros/cons?

Any tips on creating an effective email newsletter?
By Modeo Media | 9 Answers | Last Activity on February 14, 2013
How effective is viral marketing?
By Karthik Kashyap | 9 Answers | Last Activity on February 04, 2013

We have heard about word of mouth/referrals or viral marketing. For people who have have used or using this strategy, how effective was this strategy?

What social media platforms are most popular among entrepreneur and startup communities?
By Kyle Connors | 14 Answers | Last Activity on December 15, 2012

What SM networks do entrepreneurs and founders pay most attention to and have most interaction on? Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Pinterest or LinkedIn?

We just launched our beta site, what's the best way to get exposure on a low budget?
By Rick Tuinenburg | 16 Answers | Last Activity on December 12, 2012
What's more important: having a well-designed website or a blog for my business?
By Jen Ostrosky | 16 Answers | Last Activity on December 03, 2012

And should my blog be part of my website or a separate domain (wondering what's better for SEO).

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Do you have a networking tip to share?
By Kim Pettinato Referral Expert | 12 Answers | Last Activity on November 05, 2012
Where do you think your biggest frustrations are with social media?
By Mel Shaw | 13 Answers | Last Activity on October 15, 2012

Trying to get a broad idea as to what the pain points are out there for business owners so we can address them more readily in our own sales processes. Thanks for your help!

Why do people say I am looking for a partnership and then don't respond to all the people that ask for more information?
By Ronald Bolden Jr | 12 Answers | Last Activity on October 12, 2012
Expert Advice on Marketing Tips for Lawyers
By editorial staff | September 26, 2012

Larry Bodine, editor-in-chief of, offers advice on how lawyers can market themselves more effectively.

How to Grow an AdSense Empire
By editorial staff | August 22, 2012

How people make money from AdSense. Includes interview with Justin Cooke of

How to Make a (Good) Living Off Affiliate Marketing
By editorial staff | August 16, 2012

Experienced affiliate marketer Jonathan Volk shares the secret to being successful in the business.

Direct Mail Marketing: Is It Worth the Cost?
By editorial staff | July 17, 2012

With so many of the us depending on the internet to stay tuned into what's going on in our lives and in the world, it's no wonder that direct mail, or "direct classic" as the industry sometimes...

The Business Value of Facebook
By Maxwell Finn | September 05, 2011

Learn how to leverage the Facebook platform in order to drastically strengthen your web presene and be a more efficient and effective professional.

Setting Goals that Increase the Value of Your Email Newsletter
By Garrett French | September 09, 2010

turning your newsletter into a high impact communication tool

How to Write a Company History
By Judy Artunian | April 08, 2010

A well-written company history can entice prospective customers, investors and employees

How To Make A Magazine Ad That Sells
By editorial staff | March 22, 2010

How Get Readers' Attention, Keep Them Reading And Make Them Take Immediate Action