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Public Relations

Why Responding to All Your Online Reviews Is Critical
BY Eric 'ERock' Christopher

Find out why you need to respond to all your online reviews – not just the negative ones.

How Businesses Are Marketing Green Innovation
BY David Trounce

Going green may ultimately boost your company's bottom line.

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How to Manage Your Small Business Through a Crisis
BY Nabeel Ahmad

Here are four tips to navigating a crisis situation

How to Use Social Media To Better Your Retail Business
BY Irina Stefanova

If you want to be successful, you have to be on social media.

How to Create an Effective Customer Journey Map
BY Jared Atchison

Make sure your consumers know what steps to take to engage with your company.

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How to Find the Right PR Firm
BY Dave Feistel

Considering hiring a public relations agency? Ask these four questions.

Seek Out These Opportunities at Your Next Trade Show
BY Catherine Hess

Here are four strategies that can help your business maximize its ROI at a trade show.

How to Create an Effective Public Relations and Branding Strategy for Your Business
BY Chad Brooks

PR exec Kailynn Bowling of ChicBlvd Inc. is May's community member of the month.

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Why Video Coverage of Your Event Is Vital
BY Shaq Abboud

These five reasons outline how video can be important to your business event's success.

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How to Leverage Social Good for Effective PR
BY Nesh Pillay

Five tips and tricks to create an effective marketing strategy.

So Your Business Got Positive Publicity: Now What?
BY Blair Nicole

You need to have a strategy in place for marketing your business.

Great Harvest CEO Offers Tips on Meeting New Diet Demands
BY Chad Brooks

In the restaurant industry, adapting to changing eating habits is critical.

Any tips on creating buzz through press for a startup?
QUESTION | BY Tom Torrence | 10 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 03/15/19

I think I have a good list of bloggers and publications I would like to target and introduce them to my startup soon. I am struggling to figure out a timeline though. Should I try to get some press...

How to Tap the World of Public Relations with Technology
BY Dawn Kuczwara

Emma Smith of Three Lions Public Relations uses tools like Hubspot to better her business.

Hosting Your First Webinar? 3 Tips for Success
BY Syed Balkhi

More than 60% of B2B marketers use webinars to educate their audience.

Year in Review: How to Use Past PR Coverage to Drive 2019 Strategies
BY Kailynn Bowling

You can't plan your year without knowing what worked and didn't work last year.

How, and Why, to Become a Guest Blogger
BY Elijah Masek-Kelly

Guest blogging can improve your marketing efforts.

How to Say Sorry: 7 Musts to Grow Your Influence With an Apology
BY Stacey Hanke

Knowing when and how to apologize shows strength, not weakness.

How to Handle Negative Press About Your SMB
BY Saige Driver

A community member asked how to handle a PR crisis. We found answers.