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Public Relations

5 Ways Your Startup Can Earn Customer Trust
BY Syed Balkhi

Trust is key if you want to establish professional relationships and increase conversions.

6 Social Media Weapons to Boost Your Branding and Marketing
BY Rolando Herrera

Don't hinder your growth by ignoring social media.

14 Free Ways to Advertise Your Business
BY Scott Gerber

Here are 14 approaches to getting your name out there, each with its own strengths.

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5 Strategies to Kickstart Your PR Campaign
BY Ann Noder

Pitching a story about your company to the media? Consider these angles.

UN's Sustainable Development Goals for Small Businesses
BY Carlyann Edwards

The hope is to have all people, governments and businesses following the agenda by 2030.

5 Tips for Building a Globally-Minded Creative Team
BY Justin Gignac

To reach an audience on a global scale, you need to consider global perspectives.

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3 Ways to Get Good Customer Reviews
BY Kaili Killpack

Online review platforms are the new Yellow Pages.

Storytelling Can Make or Break Your Brand
BY Dustin White

If you're a direct-to-consumer business, your marketing campaigns need to tell a story.

Americans Lack the 'Right to be Forgotten.' So How Can Businesses Counter Negative Publicity?
BY Darius Fisher

Here are four important steps businesses can take to improve their online reputation.

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Brand Spokesperson Smackdown: Famous Face vs. Social Media Rockstar?
BY Alison Hill

Should your brand use a social media influencer or a celebrity as a spokesperson?

12 Tips for Mastering Your Presentation
BY Stacey Hanke

Giving presentations is a learned skill that requires ongoing practice.

Article Founder on How to Handle Negative Reviews
BY Chad Brooks

Online reviews are more impactful than ever. Be sure yours reflect your brand positively.

5 Must-Haves to Land TV Coverage
BY Ann Noder

Landing a TV interview isn't about who you know; it's about offering the right stuff.

How to Announce a Rebranding
BY Jennifer Post

Follow these five tips to make sure your rebranding is a wild success.

What is Influencer Marketing and How Does it Drive Sales?
BY Albizu Garcia

Influencer marketing is word-of-mouth for the social media age. Here's how to use it.

Ask Yourself These 8 Questions Before Your Next Speech
BY Jason O'Brien

These eight pointers will help you hone your speech and feel more confident.

Former Apple CEO John Sculley Says AI is the Future of Marketing
BY Matt D'Angelo

John Sculley, co-founder of Zeta Global, says data is the fuel for the 21st century.

Perfect Pitch: How to Secure Media Coverage for Your PR Client
BY Catherine Berce

As a company's PR rep, you're in charge of getting its name out.

Consider These 3 Things Before Investing in Video Marketing
BY Daniel Marlow

Follow these three tips to create a compelling, successful brand video.

My boss had a negative article about her one year ago. Should I ask for a retraction?
QUESTION | BY Scott Brand | 17 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 10/30/17

I want advice on reputation management for my boss who had a negative article reported on her about one year ago and I am hesitant about it.