What is this "file sync" thing and why should I care about it?

Not so long ago, the office was the only place you could work. But when smartphones and tablets came along, the only thing holding us back from getting work done anywhere, any time was having access to our data.  That led to the rapidly proliferating fleets of devices -- though a technology knows as 'sync.'  All of a sudden, getting a file from your work laptop to your iPad became as simple as clicking "Save." So its no suprise that 55% of information workers in North America and Europe who use a tablet at work are using file sync and share tools.

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  • Sync gives you flexibility
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About Dropbox

Dropbox lets you bring your docs, photos, and videos anywhere and share them easily.  Keep files up to date across multiple devices and stay in sync with your team --effortlessly.  Dropbox for Business also offers administrative tools, phone support, and as much space as you need.  For more information, on Dropbox for Business, please contact or visit