Detecting Digital Identity Fraud with IBM Trusteer

The digital transformation is changing how customers interact with banks. Many key consumers, like millennials and high net worth clients, are seeking greater conveniences and new digital services- everything from the ability to apply for loans on smartphones to same day payments. To help meet customer demands, banks need to offer a seamless user experience across all devices- smartphones, PCs and tablets.

As you work to deliver digital services, you need to know that the customer logging in to your online or mobile banking app is who they say they are. However, you may face significant challenges in doing so. Cybercriminals are continually introducing new and increasingly sophisticated financial malware along with convincing social engineering tactics to impersonate banking customers.

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Often, banks view the challenge as a balancing act, in which greater innovation can come with some sacrifice to security.

Instead security can be an enabler to the digital transformation- helping banks welcome customers in and keep fradulent activity out so they can pursue new growth opportunities, improve the customer experience, and build customer loyalty.

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