Application Performance Management for App-Driven Businesses

Application performance management (APM) tools
offer these capabilities, enabling companies to
diagnose problems quickly and improve service
quality. For companies that are using Agile and
DevOps processes, APM can help improve communication
and expedite software delivery. It enables
continuous monitoring and testing during all
phases of software delivery, including production.

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APM Can be Used to Monitor the Following

  • Individual components or the end-to-end
    infrastructure supporting an application,
    including application servers, web servers,
    databases, and others.
  • The interfaces that enable applications to
    run across different platforms.
  • Applications that run on on-premise, cloudbased
    or hybrid architectures.
  • The response time for the performance of
    an application transaction, including contributions
    to that response time from individual
    components and the specific network
    hops that take place during an end-to-end
  • Code-level performance, including stack
    trace and database query details.