IDC Intelligence-Led Security

A significant challenge for many organizations has been enabling their analysts to find the "unknown unknown." Whether that unknown is malware lurking within the enterprise or within slight variations in fraudulent transactions, the result has been the same: enterprises continue to fall victim to cybercrime. IBM is addressing this challenge with IBM i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis. By pairing multi-dimensional visual analysis capabilities with powerful analytics tools, IBM is giving the analyst team an effective early-detection, cyberintelligence weapon for its arsenal.

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Staying ahead of threats as they multiply and evolve means incessantly monitoring and analyzing disparate data sets, then fusing the resulting insights into a single intelligence picture. Defense and national security agencies have a long history of employing such approaches, and commercial organizations and civilian government agencies have begun adapting similar processes as they set up their own security operations centers and fusion centers. Whether you call it fusion or enterprise intelligence—or simply want to understand and mitigate your enterprise threats—the IBM i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis solution can help you analyze, investigate and disrupt modern security threats.