Expense Management Guide

Your EEM Solution is how your employees receive funds to make purchases on behalf of the company. Whether the system is cash-based or card-based, any employee expected to make a purchase to complete a job, go on business trips, or who may need funds in case of an emergency, should have access to the appropriate resources.

There are several types of EEM Solutions that work for a variety of industries and business sizes. Which system your business implements will depend upon your available resources, and the system’s ease of implementa on within your company.

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About Pex

PEX Card is a business prepaid card company launched specifically to help companies streamline employee expense management. As the prepaid card industry's first turnkey commercial card program, the PEX Prepaid Visa Card program provides customers with online tools for budgeting and controlling pre-funded deposits that employees use for daily spending. Through business prepaid card transactions, the PEX Card Service provides visibility into cash flow while simultaneously maximizing oversight and managing risk. With 24/7 access from computers or mobile devices anywhere, administrators can control purchases by all approved cardholders.