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The Small Business Guide to Virtual Receptionists

Customer relationships are built on trust—a process that begins with the first phone call. If a potential or current client is unable to reach a real person, or catches you at a bad moment, those poor experiences can damage trust. Having a real person answering your phone not only delivers a great experience for your callers, it creates a personal connection, builds trust, and increases the likelihood of repeat business.

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This guide provides an overview of virtual receptionist services, and outlines features useful for small businesses, including:

  • Customized call handling based on type of call
  • Ability to make temporary changes to your call handling on the fly
  • Options for receiving messages (e.g. Email, text, both)
  • Handling frequently asked questions and customer intake

Ruby® Receptionists is the only remote receptionist service dedicated to creating personal connections with every caller, making your customers feel special while making you look good. From our offices in Portland, Oregon, Ruby handles all your calls with care—using your custom greeting, transferring calls, taking messages and answering questions about your business—so you can focus on other things and enjoy the peace of mind that your clients will be treated warmly and professionally by a Ruby receptionist. Best of all, callers think we work in your office. To learn more, call 866-611-7829 or visit