Rudin Management Company

Case Study

Rudin Management Company manages 5 million square feet of residential building space and 10 million square feet of commercial building space in New York City. The biggest question for a real estate management company like Rudin comes down to maximizing value. Are they creating the most value from their buildings? In 2008, they addressed this question by adopting a smart building strategy. The buildings they manage provide a tremendous amount of data that needs to be processed and analyzed. With the Intel-based IoT gateway and the Prescriptive Data NANTUM solution, they can collect, process and analyze that data from sensors all around the buildings. The amount of data in all these buildings can be overwhelming at times but with the power of the Intel and Prescriptive Data, that data can be translated into actionable decisions, cost savings, and tenant satisfaction.

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Utilizing Intel Technology

In one building managed by Rudin, after implementation of Intel technology, they saw:

  • Energy use down by 11%
  • Costing savings of $1.5M over 3 years
  • Hot/Cold calls down by 70%

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