Seven Ways The Cloud and APIs Help Mobile App Development

Most organizations have built at least a few mobile apps at this point. Once employees and customers have adopted the first set of apps, the floodgates open and demand for mobile apps and business processes quickly outstrips IT's ability to scale its initital development effrorts. At this time, the challenge for organizations is creating a framework that allows the technology team to scale its development efforts rapidly.

The maturing cloud computing landscape has provided new tools to help companies scale development and application innovations. there are at least seven ways that the cloud can be used to help businesses build apps that include at least the seven functions outlined below.

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Key Highlights

  • App development tools to scale mobility deployments
  • APIs and middleware to connect to date and services
  • Testing tools and PaaS-based app functions to scale without reinventing the wheel
  • Third party data sources to enrich your mobile experiences
  • Data collection, analytics and cognitive services to move to learning and predictive apps.