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To Voice and Messaging Apps

Communication APIs or CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service) providers as they are known by some, are a cloud-based application layer that allows software developers to quickly and easily integrate calling, texting and other real-time communication functions into applications, using APIs. 

This sector, once dominated by just a few players, has grown considerably due to the incredible demand for voice and messaging capabilities in business and consumer applications. A number of large, seasoned communications providers are now stepping up to the plate and offering CPaaS or CPaaS-like services, some as a compliment to their own traditional telecom offerings- and others as pure-play software venders.

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A Few Examples of Communications APIs

  • Your doctor texts you appointment reminders to make sure you'll be there on time.
  • You click a link from a mobile app to call a support representative when you experience problems with your cable television.
  • Your bank texts you an authentication code that you enter online to validate your account access.