State of Small Business in America

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The state of small business in America is in constant flux, fueling the need to pause for regular review and reflection, and take the temperature of owners all across the country. In this report, we will cover the overall sentiment of small business in America as well as the current issues impacting small businesses, including the rise of digital and mobile marketing, the Affordable Care Act, and the increased popularity of cloud-based tools to optimize daily processes, manage employees and drive sales.

We’ll also look at the ways in which small business owners are optimistic and the reasons they still feel cautious. Finally, we’ll explore how small businesses can better secure government contracts and deal with data security.

Download this report for a comprehensive look at what’s on the minds of America’s small business owners in 2015.

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In this report, you will learn:

  • The Optimism and Caution of Small Businesses
  • Hiring Trends
  • Where SMBs are Spending and Earning
  • Alternative Lending and Loans


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