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99designs Review

By Business.com Editorial StaffLast Modified: December 18, 2017

99designs connects graphic artists and website creators with businesses or solopreneurs needing design work. This crowdsourcing company focuses on artistic work such as logos, clothing, illustration or packaging.

To use this crowdsourcing service, you create a design brief using its software. The brief includes a summary of your project, due date, special considerations and other applicable information such as its use or the effect you are looking for. If you have examples of the kind of design you want, you can upload them to the website. Then you choose the project plan you want, and 99designs takes it from there.

Unlike other crowdsourcing sites that either have a set price per project or let you set a price yourself, 99designs has four packages to choose from. More expensive plans give a greater prize for the winner, meaning more people propose their designs, giving you a greater choice. Although all the contests result in good work, higher prize money generally stimulates increased competition, resulting in higher-quality products.

99designs has a community of over 1,156,000 creative professionals in the areas of computer graphics and design and art. These people live all around the world, bringing their unique skills and perspectives to your project. If you select the most expensive package, you work with designers handpicked by 99designs for their proven high-quality work.

On average, you can expect at least 30 proposals. You can provide feedback on the choices you like, and rate projects so designers know if they are hitting the mark. The design contests last only seven days. At that time, you select the winner.

99designs takes care of the copyright agreements and transfer of money to the designer. The design is yours to use however you see fit. If a designer impresses you enough you'd like to take him or her on for other projects, 99designs provides a platform for collaborating.

99designs can help you find a high-quality design for your business logo, website, T-shirt or product package design in seven days. You don't dictate the price of your prize, but rather, you choose a design package, and this crowdsourcing company sets the prize money accordingly. However, you can get 30 or more proposals from its huge pool of designers, and if you want to work with a designer on future projects, 99designs can foster that interaction as well.

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