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Acer Veriton 4 Review editorial staff editorial staff

The Acer Veriton 4 series of business computers features four industrially compliant form factors, allowing you to choose the best size chassis for your business PC. The form factors range from the ultrathin 3-liter tower to the fat 30-liter tower. Comparatively, each form factor in the Veriton 4 series is among the most affordable business computers available. However, this is because the computers lack the high-end processors that the best business computers have. As such, the Veriton 4 VL4630G is best for simple tasks like making documents and browsing the internet.

Acer Veriton 4

Acer Veriton 4

The Verdict

The Acer Veriton 4 VL4630G is one of the most affordable options for a business computer with 8GB of memory, but the performance doesn't compare to the best business computers.

To find the best business computers, we placed a premium on the processor, the RAM and the storage. Then we looked at the connectivity options and the expansion potential. The best home-based business computers allow you to optimize your efficiency by effectively multitasking multiple apps. These computers should also be capable of growing with your business.

The VL4630G features the Intel Core i3-4150 dual-core processor. While the processor has some nice specifications – it has a base speed of 3.5GHz and hyper-threading – it lacks proven performance. The PassMark score, which is a user-submitted score based on eight different benchmarking tests, is just 4,897. For comparison, the highest PassMark score in our review is 11,000. In addition, we considered any score below 6,000 as being too low for multitasking. This means that the VL4630G will perform well if you run one app at a time. As such, it's best used for writing reports, answering emails and using the internet, but it doesn't have the processor to handle data-intensive tasks. On the plus side, you can upgrade the processor.

The VL4630G has 8GB of installed memory, which is the most of any model in the Veriton 4 series. This is the standard amount of memory for business desktop computers, because it provides ample room to run multiple programs at once without experiencing a dip in performance. For comparison, the best office PC comes with 16GB of memory. You can upgrade the memory to as much as 32GB, which allows you to customize the computer to your business needs. In addition, the hard drive has just 500GB of storage, which is standard for business computers.

The computer comes with 10 USB ports – four USB 3.0 and six USB 2.0. The motherboard has four expansion slots with two internal drive bays and two external drive bays, which is standard for a business computer. However, the best business computers have up to six expansion slots and 12 USB ports, allowing the computer to evolve with your business. With so few expansion features, you'll have to buy an all-new computer once you outgrow this one.

Another significant downside to the Acer Veriton 4 series is the lack of support features. While the computer is covered by a three-year warranty, you can't extend the warranty, an option that all of the other manufacturers on our lineup provide. It also doesn't include accidental damage protection, which covers spills, drops and electrical surges. Acer doesn't provide asset-recovery services either, which would allow you to recover data from a failed hard drive. There isn't online backup or remote diagnostic services, but one of the few support features Acer offers is on-site support, which sends a technician to your business to service the computer.

The Acer Veriton 4 series of business computers provides many affordable options for your business, but the processor lacks the performance needed for most business applications. The VL4630G features an Intel Core i3-4150 dual-core processor that has a low PassMark score of 4,897. The computer comes with 8GB of memory, but just 500GB of storage. In addition, the help and support is severely lacking, without features like accidental damage protection, asset recovery and remote diagnostic.

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Acer Veriton 4

Acer Veriton 4

The Verdict

The Acer Veriton 4 VL4630G is one of the most affordable options for a business computer with 8GB of memory, but the performance doesn't compare to the best business computers. editorial staff editorial staff Member
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