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Act-On Review

Matt D'Angelo
, writer
Oct 24, 2019
> Marketing

Act-On provides extensive internet marketing services like search engine optimization, email marketing tools, social media marketing and web design software. Act-On offers small business owners the tools they need to build a better internet marketing strategy. These tools can empower business owners, but if you're looking for an agency to handle your internet marketing needs through providing a service, you may want to check out our other best picks or reviews. Act-On provides extensive and excellent tools for small business. It's our choice as the best internet marketing service because of its helpful search engine marketing and email marketing tools, web design features, analytics and social listening tools.



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The Verdict

While it has some limitations with social media integration, Act-On is a solid online marketing service with strong email and search engine marketing tools.

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With its email and search engine marketing tools, Act-On can help any business excel online. The company's email marketing tools allow you to engage your customers with personalized emails. With this service, you can create lists for different interests and categories so your customers only receive relevant emails.

The company has a good online reputation, scoring an A+ with the Better Business Bureau, although it is not accredited by the agency. It also has no customer reviews featured on the website. Act-On provides customer support via phone, live chat and email. It sells separate support plans for advanced access. If you don't want to pay for an extra plan, the silver support plan is free and includes community support as well as phone and web support during business hours. Act-On is one of the few companies we reviewed that's transparent about its pricing directly on its website.

Act-On Pricing and Plans

Act-On's pricing is broken down into two plans: professional and enterprise. The professional plan starts at $900 per month and the enterprise plan is $2,000 per month. Both plans vary in what's included;  the enterprise plan includes extra features like CRM integrations, account-based marketing, advanced reporting and BI integration. Both plans require a yearly contract. While this is a longer-term commitment than other companies we reviewed, it's still on a par with industry standards.

We posed as small business owners and interacted with Act-On sales representatives to test its customer service and find out more about the company's offering. Unlike some other services, Act-On does not provide account managers for its plans. While this isn't consistent with some of the other services we reviewed, it shouldn't be viewed as a limitation. Like Hubspot, Act-On provides marketing software, not services. Because of this focus on software, it's not out of the ordinary that Act-On does not offer account managers.

Act-On is transparent in its overall offering. Many internet marketing and PPC management companies we reviewed for this category don't list their pricing online. By providing pricing, Act-On proves that it's a transparent company looking to partner with small business owners. The scalability of the plans also means that as your business grows, you can adjust your offering to match your changing needs.


Act-On provides a wide range of internet marketing services, including 

  • SEO: Act-on can provide a search engine optimization (SEO) audit of your website, so you can determine where you stand among competitors and improve SEO. It also offers a host of other SEO-related services like real-time alerts, anonymous visitor tracking and traffic analytics.

  • Email marketing: Act-On prioritizes lead building in its email marketing offering. It offers segmentation, trigger emails, funnel reports and A/B testing. It also provides CRM integration and automated email programs.

  • Social media: Act-On's social media tools are where this service shines. It offers adaptive social posting, audience engagement, social listening, consumer analytics, and the ability to publish to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. It also offers content curation services and analytics in an intuitive dashboard.

  • Design tools: Act-On provides landing page design tools, so you can build high-impact pages that help build leads. It also offers A/B testing for landing pages, so you can design the best page for your business and potential clients.

  • Reporting features: Act-On provides advanced reporting and analytics tools, so you can collect and analyze marketing data. It offers campaign reports, revenue attribution, marketing funnels, Google Adword support, email performance tracking, landing page traffic and conversions, and social media engagement reports.

Pros and Cons

Act-On is one of the most comprehensive services we reviewed. Whether you need SEO help, email marketing tools, social media consulting, design tools or other digital marketing services, Act-On has you covered. Many services in the internet marketing and digital marketing industry specialize in one aspect of service. Act-On is one of the few companies that has a strong offering in all areas of its services. Other positives include its extensive reporting features and having its pricing information listed on its website.

One downside is that there are limited customer reviews on the company's Better Business Bureau profile.

Customer Support

We posed as small business owners and interacted with Act-On's sales team via live chat to test its customer service and learn more about the company's offering. The representatives we chatted with were informative and helpful. They didn't push for a sale at any point and answered all our questions.

Act-On tiers its support plans. You can access the company's community support, as well as web and phone support for free.

If you're looking for advanced support features, which could include 24/7 support and access to customer success teams, you'll have to pay for an advanced support plan.




The Best Internet Marketing and PPC Management Services of 2020

The Verdict

While it has some limitations with social media integration, Act-On is a solid online marketing service with strong email and search engine marketing tools.

Matt D'Angelo
Matt D'Angelo
Matt D'Angelo is a contributor covering small business for and Business News Daily. After graduating from James Madison University with a degree in journalism, Matt gained experience as a copy editor and writer for newspapers and various online publications.