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Acuity Scheduling Review editorial staff, writer
| Updated
Sep 01, 2018
> Human Resources

Acuity Scheduling is a powerful online appointment-booking program that allows both your clients and staff to schedule appointments and meetings. Unlimited personnel can log in and use the group calendar to see who is available and to work around others' schedule. The system, for both staff and clients, is easy and intuitive to use, and it includes most of the features and tools we looked for in scheduling software. Acuity Scheduling is our choice for the best scheduling software application.

Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling

The Best Employee Scheduling Software of 2019

The Verdict

Acuity is the best scheduling application we evaluated. It provides a strong feature set that makes it easy for clients to schedule an appointment. For administrators, it's easy to customize the platform.

This online scheduling program is simple to set up and includes a checklist and progress bar to help you through each step. It earned a 95% score in our administrative navigation tests. There are several useful, helpful features for staff. You can designate specific appointment types and set pricing for each type that's provided in the form of a price quote from within the client portal. You can also accept payments from clients when they book their appointments or schedule payments, which clients can pay online. Some steps are not as intuitive as they could be, and there were instances where we had to consult the help resources to find certain features.

You can use Acuity Scheduling as a basic contact management program. The client history and reports are very comprehensive. You can see how often clients have canceled, missed, or rescheduled appointments; a client's payment history; and any outstanding invoices. When your staff members access the platform, they can view the group calendar. This allows them to schedule appointments for other staff members and avoid double-booking anyone.

This scheduling program gives you important customization features that other top online scheduling platforms rarely provide. For example, you can white-label your booking website, this means you can remove any Acuity branding and replace it with your own logo. You can add coupons or sell gift certificates from your booking platform. Finally, when you determine how your customers will pay you, you can add the option for clients to tip you from within the application.

Of the meeting planners we evaluated, Acuity Scheduling is the only one to offer every client-booking feature we looked for, including the ability to set recurring appointments, cancel appointments and receive a price quote when scheduling an appointment.

It earned a perfect 100 percent score in our client experience ease-of-use tests. Using this scheduling application, your clients have the option of setting or canceling appointments at their fingertips. In our tests, we had no trouble setting appointments, assigning different time zones and establishing recurring visits. The process for each function was seamless and straightforward. We even received confirmation emails from the program for each appointment we made or canceled.

While testing Acuity Scheduling, we appreciated the interactive calendar that was simple to use when booking or canceling an appointment. One drawback, however, was that each step took us to another page rather than allowing us to complete each step within one view window. Still, each step was clearly defined and easy to navigate. The interface is also clean and uncluttered.

One of the best features of Acuity Scheduling, compared to other online scheduling programs, is its mobile scheduler. Both you and your clients can connect to the appointment scheduler using any mobile device and easily work your way through the booking process. Whether your clients use the mobile scheduler or the online one, they can schedule, cancel and reschedule any appointment, though you can decide any cutoff times or other scheduling rules from the administrative portal.

As clients reserve their appointments, they can receive an instant price quote showing them the amount they will be required to pay the day of the appointment. They also have the option of filling out intake, or pre-appointment, paperwork online, which helps speed the check-in process the day of the appointment. Acuity Scheduling also offers clients the option of adding themselves to a waitlist, if the calendar is full and a day and time they desire is already booked.

Acuity Scheduling received the highest possible score – 100% – for embedding integration. It can sync with Outlook, Google and iCal. These integrations allow you to view your meetings and messages from clients in one place.

It is the only online scheduler to integrate with QuickBooks and GoToMeeting, making it a great solution for webinar appointments. It also integrates with CRM systems. Having this flexibility with business software solutions is useful for staying current on all aspects of your business.

Acuity Scheduling is the best online scheduler. Multiple staff personnel can use this program at the same time and see each other's schedule on the group calendar. Acuity Scheduling integrates into many important programs such as Outlook and QuickBooks, which, makes it a powerful business software suite.

Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling

The Best Employee Scheduling Software of 2019

The Verdict

Acuity is the best scheduling application we evaluated. It provides a strong feature set that makes it easy for clients to schedule an appointment. For administrators, it's easy to customize the platform. editorial staff editorial staff
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