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Ademero Review

Adam Uzialko
Adam Uzialko

Ademero Content Central is a straightforward, competitively priced document management system. The cloud-based version includes the most essential features we like in a document management system, although if you need strong workflow automation and extensive collaboration tools, Ademero Content Central falls short. However, it excels at classifying and organizing documents, making it a great choice for large digitization projects and small businesses with minimal document management needs.



The Verdict

Ademero Content Central offers a competitive price point for its software. While some useful features are not included, it is a good choice for large digitization projects and small businesses with minimal document management needs.

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Pricing and Plans

Ademero Content Central offers both a cloud-hosted and on-premises service. The company offers a free trial, so you can try out the software before you buy. No credit card is required, but you have to provide contact information prior to accessing your free trial.

Starting at $35 per user per month, Ademero Content Central includes the major features we look for in a document management solution, including document imaging with optical character recognition (OCR,) team collaboration tools for creating and editing documents, user permission settings, custom folders, and API integrations with third-party applications.

Pros and Cons

Overall, Ademero Content Central is a good document management system that covers the core functions of document management well. It doesn't boast a lot of extra features or an especially well-developed user interface, but it is easy to become acquainted with and it does what it is designed to do. Small businesses with basic document management needs or businesses tasked with a large digitization project could benefit from Ademero Content Central's low cost and impressive classification features.


  • Web-based: Ademero Content Central offers a web-based version that is compatible with all operating systems.

  • Cost-effective: At $35 per user, per month for a full-featured cloud version, Ademero Content Central is among the more cost-effective solutions we evaluated. Other systems offered pricing plans at this level, but they were limited in the features they offered.
  • Excels at organization: Ademero Content Central offers a strong metadata system. Users tag and classify documents and files for easy and accurate storage and search. If your company has a large digitization project or you want to quickly and easily locate documents, Ademero Content Central gives you the tools to manage lots of files in a flexible way while accurately cataloging your company's important files.


  • Lightweight: Ademero Content Central falls short of contending with the truly comprehensive solutions we evaluated. Even where it offers the extra features we looked for, they are not as thoroughly implemented or as intuitive as other applications we evaluated. Ademero Content Central is competitively priced, but it's best suited for a small business with minimal document management needs.

  • Not scalable: Since the full-featured version of Ademero Content Central is included in the cloud-based version, there is not an additional plan or version you can upgrade to. If your needs ever outgrow Ademero Content Central, you might have to migrate your data to a different platform, which will cost time and money.


While Content Central has collaboration and workflow tools, the core document management functions, like document imaging and classification, are where the real value lies with this application. Here's a look at some of the features you can expect from Ademero Content Central.

  • Document imaging and OCR: With Ademero Content Central, you can scan, import or create new files and documents. A full-page OCR function makes indexing and classifying documents easy. Users can add additional metadata to a document to improve the search function and overall organization of the document management system.

  • Search: Ademero Content Central excels when it comes to metadata and OCR, making all your documents highly searchable and easily located. Digitization and archiving projects, especially large ones, is much, much easier.

  • Templates: For common document formats, such as an invoice, for example, Ademero Content Central offers a template feature that allows users to quickly generate documents in the proper format.

  • Versioning: Version control is an essential tool for creating, editing and revising documents within your document management system. Versioning with Ademero Content Central allows you to see past versions of the document you're working on plus the most up-to-date file.

  • User permissions: Administrators can set user and group permissions easily after filling out a handful of fields and setting access controls for users. Permissions are useful for data security and ensuring that users only have access to the files they need in order to do their job, protecting sensitive or privileged information from prying eyes and unnecessary vulnerabilities.

  • Integrations: Ademero Content Central integrates with several popular third-party applications, including commonly used CRMs and ERPs as well as Microsoft Office applications. Ademero Content Central also includes API integrations, so you can build out additional connections to third-party applications that you use regularly.


Ademero Content Central's biggest limitation is its lack of scalability. It is a perfectly suitable solution for small businesses with minimal document management needs, and it does a great job of organizing large collections of documents, making it a great tool for a big digitization project.

However, for long-term collaboration or growing businesses that expect to outgrow core document management functions in favor of more comprehensive tools, Ademero Content Central might fall short. There is no higher tier plan available for upgrade if your business runs up against the limits of the program, potentially boxing you into a situation where you must migrate your documents and files to a new platform in a costly and time-consuming process.

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The Verdict

Ademero Content Central offers a competitive price point for its software. While some useful features are not included, it is a good choice for large digitization projects and small businesses with minimal document management needs.

Adam Uzialko
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