Adobe Marketing Cloud Review

By Editorial StaffLast Modified: January 4, 2018

Adobe's Marketing Cloud solution offers reliable reports and analytics as well as strong email and social media marketing. It also helps with SEO marketing, web design and building landing pages. It ranks as one of the best internet marketing services in our review.

Adobe lets you segment your email contacts into different lists so your customers receive emails that are most applicable to them and to their activity. You can also set up trigger emails, which automatically respond to behaviors exhibited by your leads. These emails can help nurture your leads and persuade them to purchase your product.

Adobe also has a spam filter tool, which scans your email for spam-like content before you send it out. Finding and fixing potential problems can help ensure your email is delivered to your customers' inboxes and not their spam folders.

In addition to email marketing, you can take full advantage of social media marketing with Adobe. Marketing Cloud integrates with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. This makes it easy for you to schedule posts and interact with customers on these four social media channels. However, at the time of this review, Adobe does not integrate with other social media platforms.

This internet marketing company offers everything we looked for in search engine marketing. It can help you perform keyword research and has SEO audit tools to help you see how your current site is performing. It can also offer SEO suggestions to help you with link building, which means it helps you place a link to your website from other pages so more customers can find you. Pay per click (PPC) options are also available. PPC is a common paid-marketing tool, where you pay each time a customer clicks your link.

Adobe Marketing Cloud can also assist you with website design, whether you're building a new website or reorganizing your existing site. It can also help you build landing pages. A good landing page can entice customers to stay longer on your website, which may lead to a sale.

This web marketing company provides reports on your social media channels to help you track how your customers are interacting and engaging with you. You can also track traffic and clicks on your site as well as the open rates of your emails. However, Adobe does not offer any sort of competitor analysis.

Adobe Marketing Cloud offers excellent email and SEO marketing. It integrates with many social media platforms and provides comprehensive reporting and analytics. However, it doesn't offer competitor analysis, which might be a deterrent if you want data to tell you where you stand in the market. Still, this online marketing solution is worth considering.

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