By Editorial StaffLast Modified: January 5, 2018

The ADTRAN NetVanta 7060 adds IP telephony to your established IP data network. This device is an IP PBX solution for small and midsized businesses.

With a height of 1.7 inches, the ADTRAN NetVanta 7060 has a 1U (rack unit) chassis. It is also 17.2 inches wide and 12.8 inches thick and weighs 11 pounds. Port selection on this PBX equipment includes 24 10/100 Ethernet ports, two 10/100/1000Base-T ports, two analog trunk ports, a WAN Ethernet port and two module expansion ports.

With so many Ethernet ports, this PBX phone system supports multiple network speeds and can connect with any router or switch. You can also expand its port selection and add more PBX phones with the optional voice interface and fiber expansion modules offered by ADTRAN.

The PBX system requires an established IP data network. Basically, it helps organizations with robust internet connections lower the cost of communication between their employees by combining voice and data communications. This not only establishes an IP PBX system that reduces the cost of local and long-distance calls, but also powers telecommuting and teleconferencing between multiple remote sites. Besides the standard calling features, the ADTRAN NetVanta 7060 also provides voicemail with email notifications, multilevel auto attendant, call queuing, call forwarding, find me/follow me and music on hold.

The 7060 works with ADTRAN IP phones as well as Polycom phones. In addition to PBX, this IP solution also works with key telephone systems. With its Sessions Initiation Protocol support, you can use it for voice and video calls. As an IP PBX solution, it supports up to 100 SIP stations. This makes it a solid small-business PBX system. However, with a maximum limit of 100 stations, the NetVanta 7060 may not be a good fit for businesses with larger workforces.

The PBX phone service runs the ADTRAN Operating System. This proprietary PBX OS has an intuitive graphical user interface. In addition to helping you quickly set up and manage your PBX network as well as provision phones, the operating system also keeps the network secure. ADTRAN delivers free firmware updates to the NetVanta 7060 via the operating system.

While the AOS is robust, it is not be compatible with some non-ADTRAN PBX accessories. Unlike with free open-source PBX software, you cannot add new features to the AOS or customize it for your organization's specific needs.

The ADTRAN NetVanta 7060 is an IP-ready enterprise PBX solution for consolidating voice and data communications. However, it cannot serve more than 100 users and is only compatible with ADTRAN and Polycom phones.

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