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Advanced Data Systems Corporation MedicsPremier Review

Adam Uzialko
Adam Uzialko

Flexibility is key for many medical practices when choosing a practice management software solution. Tailoring a program to suit your existing workflow is paramount for avoiding disruptions to your practice's daily operations.

Advanced Data Systems Corporation MedicsPremier

Advanced Data Systems Corporation MedicsPremier

The Verdict

MedicsPremier offers a highly flexible solution. However, it isn't as intuitive as other practice management solutions we reviewed.

MedicsPremier, from ADSC, shines in this area. Many aspects of the software can be tailored to suit your practice's preferences. However, the user interface is dated, and it can sometimes be difficult to navigate through the various menus. Training is an absolute must to proficiently use the software; unfortunately, implementation and training come at a relatively steep cost, although the subscription price of the software is average.

Ease of Use

MedicsPremier is not the most intuitive practice management application. Training is essential. It is, however, extremely flexible and caters to a variety of approaches that best suit each user's needs.

The user interface is outdated. It relies on a system of spreadsheet-like interfaces that resemble older versions of Microsoft's operating systems. Despite the outdated appearance, MedicsPremier offers users a wide range of views for most types of information. While the learning curve is steeper than other practice management applications we reviewed, the payoff is with the system's customization.

Across the top of the screen are a series of tabs marked by a letter. These tabs allow users to cycle through the major modules of the software, such as patient demographics, billing and reporting. At any time if you need assistance, MedicsPremier has a built-in help tab, which can guide you through virtually any function on the system.

Many customers of ADSC have reported that the training the company provided was instrumental in helping them learn the system and that afterward, they were able to proficiently use the software.


MedicsPremier offers all the major tools we looked for in a practice management solution. Here's more about the central features of MedicsPremier:


The demographics tab is used for registering new patients or modifying existing patients. You can search for existing patients by their account number, name, date of birth, policy number, Social Security number, phone number and more. Once you have selected a patient, a screen displays their information, including their current insurance information.

If you are registering a new patient or your existing patient's insurance information has changed, you can scan their driver's license and insurance card into the system. It pulls info directly from the cards so you don't have to manually enter it. Also under the demographics tab, you can select and send patients any forms they might need to fill out before their appointment. Forms can be sent via the patient portal or filled out at an in-office kiosk. The info in these forms is fully customizable and automatically populates in the EMR system once responses are received.


The scheduling tool features a calendar that resembles a typical spreadsheet. The calendar can be filtered by daily, weekly or monthly views, as well as by provider. It can be set to display the morning, afternoon or full day's schedule. You can also have additional columns added to your view that are customized to your practice's needs. For example, you can add a column that displays patient insurance eligibility. Custom calendar formats can also be created in tabs located at the bottom of the screen.

ADSC offers hundreds of potential filter combinations for creating unique calendar views. To schedule a new appointment, there is a search bar, and you type in the patient's name. Existing patients that match your search will then appear. Next, you click on the desired day and time of the appointment. A series of fields appear, including patient info, appointment type and more. Once the fields are filled out, click Save, and the appointment is set and can be viewed on the calendar. To reschedule an existing appointment, simply drag and drop the existing appointment to another open time slot.


MedicsPremier's billing tools feature custom fields that can be manually configured to suit your practice's workflows. The billing tools aren't as straightforward as those we encountered in other practice management applications. For charge posting, for example, medical billers can add procedure codes and bookmark them. For recurring patients, billers can access these bookmarks to duplicate the code to save time in posting charges. The entirety of the previous visit can be copied into the bill unless any significant changes are made by the provider during the clinical encounter.

MedicsPremier features an electronic superbill with clickable ICD-10 codes, which makes short work of generating claims. These forms can also be customized during implementation. Medical billers have the option of searching through a complete ICD-10 and CPT coding library to select the most relevant code for the encounter. Up to 14 codes can be included on a single claim by adding additional lines to the claim. The billing module also features a useful "insurance control" tool that compares your claims tracking report to the number of days you should expect a payer to pay a claim. You can use this information to determine whether your days in accounts receivable are meeting or exceeding expectations and identify payment bottlenecks before they adversely impact your revenue stream.

Pricing and Fees

You will have to work with a sales representative to receive a live demonstration and customized quote for your practice. For our hypothetical practice, a family practice with three providers, we were quoted a ballpark range between $1,600 and $2,200 per month. This price included ADSC's EMR and practice management software for all three providers, plus 12 licenses for staff. This price range is about average for other complete healthcare IT systems we reviewed.

Implementation and Training

Implementation and training for the cloud-based version of MedicsPremier starts at $5,000. This was higher compared to other practice management systems we reviewed. During implementation, ADSC sets up both the clinical and administrative side of the software, including creating custom forms and templates for each provider. The company also sets up clearinghouse functions, superbills and works with your providers to design a specific workflow that suits your existing processes.

In addition, role-specific training is provided by the company to all members of your medical practice, including doctors and staff members.

Customer Service

Our customer service experience with ADSC was mixed. The representatives were helpful; unfortunately, there were challenges during one demonstration. We had to reschedule the first demonstration because the presenter wasn't able to get the software to work while sharing his screen during the video conference. Our next video conference was successful. In subsequent interactions, ADSC representatives were forthcoming with information each time we requested it, and the representative quickly followed up with us after the second online demonstration.


We found MedicsPremier more challenging to navigate than many other solutions we evaluated. The interface is dated, and screens are often cluttered, appearing like a spreadsheet in nearly all aspects of the system. It is, however, extremely flexible.

The learning curve involved with MedicsPremier might be worth it in favor of the customizable nature of the software. However, for practices that want to get up and running with minimal training, MedicsPremier might represent a steeper learning curve than other practice management solutions we evaluated. 

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Advanced Data Systems Corporation MedicsPremier

Advanced Data Systems Corporation MedicsPremier

The Verdict

MedicsPremier offers a highly flexible solution. However, it isn't as intuitive as other practice management solutions we reviewed.

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