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AIG Review

By Business.com Editorial StaffLast Modified: December 18, 2017

AIG offers customized general liability business insurance solutions for clients of various sizes. AIG has over 95 years’ experience and is the world’s largest insurer, with 88 million customers in over 130 countries. The company offers coverage for bodily injury, property damage, advertising injury and personal injury, as well as additional coverage for industry-specific exposures.

AIG has a wide breadth of underwriting experience in industries with all levels of risk. Its nationwide network of underwriters and claims and loss control consultants includes dedicated units specializing in construction, energy, healthcare, real estate and transportation.

AIG’s custom business liability insurance means your business is protected according to the level of risk that it has. The company offers the standard general liability insurance coverage for small to large businesses, and it offers additional industry-specific coverage for building services contractors, financial institutions, government contractors, hospitality and gaming, real estate, retail and security guards.

AIG’s claims services are also segmented by specialty to ensure your claims are handled by professionals experienced with your specific loss or product type. Once you report a claim, AIG will initiate investigative, engineering and legal experts right away to help protect your business. The company has assembled dedicated teams for construction, energy, entertainment, product liability, commercial auto, real estate, retail, transportation/fleet and other industries that face uniquely complex risks.

AIG has a web-based claims management system which provides access to current claims data. The system allows you to report a claim online and routes the submission to the appropriate claim office. You can also review claim details at the client, account or policy level with AIG's dashboard displays. You can use it to locate nearby hospitals, doctors or other medical facilities through the medical provider listing and view state-specific regulations on provider selection. For businesses with sophisticated risk management needs, the company has advanced service features such as adjuster activity notes, alerts, profiling, OSHA facilitation and wireless access through web-enabled devices.

The best way to deal with claims is to avoid them altogether. AIG will evaluate your potential for loss and recommend cost-effective measures to mitigate those risks. The company offers loss-control services and web-based analysis tools to help you manage risks, create safety programs and understand regulatory requirements in any industry.

AIG has a worldwide presence and a long history of insuring businesses. This insurer focuses on providing agents and adjusters that specialize in their industries, giving the company a robust toolset for making and tracking claims and devising ways to mitigate risk. AIG is a solid company to consider for general liability insurance from a company that provides specialized coverage enhancements for your industry.

Business.com Editorial Staff
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