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Alexander, Miller & Associates LLC Review

Skye Schooley
Skye Schooley

Alexander, Miller & Associates LLC (AMA) is a nationwide collection agency that offers B2B collection services. It specializes in large-balance commercial collections. While AMA services several industries, it primarily focuses on trucking, transportation, freight, restaurant supply and equipment, wholesale seafood, wholesale produce, and heavy equipment rental. The agency uses various tactics to track down debtors and collect debt on delinquent accounts, including demand letters and phone calls. AMA is an ideal agency worth considering if you are looking for an agency that performs collection efforts like face-to-face debtor visits, onsite investigation and skip tracing. If your account requires legal action, AMA offers prelitigation and post judgement services.

Alexander, Miller & Associates LLC

Alexander, Miller & Associates LLC

The Verdict

Alexander, Miller & Associates is a great collection agency for businesses seeking flexible, commercial (B2B) collections on large-balance accounts.

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AMA has a form on its website where you can submit a claim for your overdue accounts. The company provides monthly written reports on your delinquent accounts, and, upon request, can provide verbal status updates.

You're not required to sign a long-term contract, and AMA operates on a contingency fee basis, meaning it takes a percentage of the fee collected from debtors. It has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and is a BBB-accredited business.

Best Features

One unique benefit that AMA provides is onsite investigations. Many of the collection agencies we evaluated only use mail and digital means to locate debtors. When certified demand letters and phone calls don't work, AMA will meet with the debtor in person. If all else fails and a lawsuit is necessary, the agency offers prelitigation services. It receives legal guidance from the Commercial Law League of America and can connect you with a trial attorney.

Another service that AMA offers is a free commercial credit report and customer assistance program. Each business credit report includes a comprehensive list of UCC filings, open or pending lawsuits and derogatory credit info. This can help both you and the agency learn how likely you are to be repaid by the debtor. It can also aid in selecting the type of collection and negotiation strategies you want to implement.

A third impressive feature is AMA's client assistance program, which helps businesses that are owed money from a valuable client work to receive payment from the client while maintaining a valuable, professional relationship.

Alexander, Miller & Associates LLC employs an international network of private investigators and certified fraud examiners. This is especially beneficial for businesses who are seeking international collections. If your debtors speak a language other than English, AMA has multilingual agents who can assist you in recovering valuable funds you're owed.   


AMA focuses its efforts on salvaging funds for large-balance claims, and it tailors its strategies to recover funds based on the debtor, the industry the debtor is in and other factors. If you are seeking repayment on minimal claims owed, you may want to consider another agency on our list.

A second drawback of AMA is that it does not collect on consumer accounts. It also focuses on specific commercial industries, unlike other collection agencies that serve a variety of industries and account types.

Finally, AMA claims to be a contingency-based commercial collections agency, but it does not list its rates online. If you would like to know the percentage rate you will be charged on your accounts, you'll need to complete the online contact form or call the agency.

Industry Focuses

Alexander, Miller & Associates LLC is a business-to-business collection agency that only collects on commercial accounts. It employs trained agents who focus on very specific industries, including the following:

  • Trucking transportation and freight
  • Wholesale seafood and produce
  • Restaurant supply and equipment
  • Heavy equipment rental

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Alexander, Miller & Associates LLC

Alexander, Miller & Associates LLC

The Verdict

Alexander, Miller & Associates is a great collection agency for businesses seeking flexible, commercial (B2B) collections on large-balance accounts.

Skye Schooley
Skye Schooley Staff
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