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Amazon Pay Review

By Lori Fairbanks, Writer | Updated Aug 16, 2019

Amazon Pay, formerly called Amazon Payments, is a payment processing service that allows you to accept credit cards online using Amazon checkout buttons that you embed on your website or mobile site. You can also use it with Alexa Skills to offer voice shopping.

Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay

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The Verdict

With Amazon Pay, you can offer your online customers a simplified checkout experience. It has a flat rate and no monthly, annual or PCI fees, but its reserve policy may stall your cash flow.

This payment gateway streamlines the checkout experience for your customers, as they simply enter their Amazon username and password – a fast alternative to creating a new account on your website or entering their name, shipping and billing addresses, and credit card details.

Amazon Pay charges a flat rate with no monthly fees. It integrates with third-party e-commerce platforms and shopping carts such as 3dcart, Volusion and WooCommerce, and you can find a list of other compatible options on its site. If you have website development experience, you can use Amazon's APIs to create a custom integration for your website.

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Pricing and Terms

Amazon Pay provides detailed information about pricing, fees and terms on its website. It uses the flat-rate pricing model, so you pay the same transaction fee for all online credit and debit card sales, regardless of what type of cards your customers use – with the exception of international cards. The advantage of this type of pricing is that it gives you a reliable estimate of what you can expect to pay for each transaction.

Here's what it costs to accept online and mobile payments using Amazon Pay: 

  • Debit, credit, rewards and corporate cards you accept online: 2.9% + $0.30
  • Cross-border payments (cards issued outside the U.S.) you accept online: 3.9% + $0.30

Charitable organizations receive discounted rates for mobile and online payments:

  • Debit, credit, rewards and corporate cards you accept online: 2.2% + $0.30
  • Cross-border payments you accept online: 3.2% + $0.30

Voice purchases that use Amazon Pay for Alexa Skills have higher processing fees:

  • Payment processing for Alexa purchases: 4% + $0.30
  • Cross-border payment processing for Alexa purchases: 5% + $0.30

Credit Card Processing Fees

Like other processors that use the flat-rate pricing model and set you up as a sub-merchant under the company's master merchant account, Amazon Pay charges very few fees. If a customer initiates a chargeback and you choose to challenge it, you pay a $20 disputed chargeback fee. When you issue a refund to a customer, Amazon Pay refunds the processing percentage rate to you, but not the 30 cent authorization fee.

Here are the fees you won't pay when you choose Amazon Pay as your online credit card processor:

  • No application or setup fee
  • No gateway setup fee
  • No statement or monthly fee
  • No monthly payment gateway fee
  • No annual fee
  • No PCI compliance fee
  • No early termination or account closure fee
  • No monthly minimum processing requirement


Amazon Pay has a reserve policy. After you set up your account, there's a 14-day observation period. The company then begins releasing your processed funds on a rolling basis with a seven-day delay. After your funds are disbursed, it takes three to five days for your money to be deposited into your bank account. After six months, or if you're an established merchant, you can request better reserve terms. This is a much longer timeframe for payouts than the two-day industry average, and most companies don't require reserve accounts unless you have multiple chargebacks or your business is high risk.


Amazon Pay doesn't require you to sign a long-term contract, and there are no cancellation fees, so you can move on without penalty if the processor no longer meets your needs or you find a better deal elsewhere. However, you'll still want to read Amazon Pay's user agreement and policies carefully to make sure this processing company is the right fit for you. For instance, the company requires you to comply with its A-to-z Guarantee.


The big advantage to using Amazon Pay is that it makes it easy for your customers to buy goods and services on your website – all they need are their Amazon credentials. If you're a new or very small business that customers haven't heard of before, the Amazon buy button inspires confidence that they're working with a legitimate business that honors Amazon's A-to-z Guarantee.

There are a few different ways to accept credit cards online with Amazon Pay. The easiest way is to use one of the e-commerce platforms that Amazon Pay partners with and activate a plugin. If you have some web development know-how, you can add copy and paste HTML codes to add its buy buttons to your website, or you can use Amazon Pay's developer tools to create a custom integration. Here's more about its integrations and features.

  • E-commerce integrations: Amazon Pay has extensions and plugins for many third-party e-commerce platforms, such as BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify, OpenCart, PrestaShop and Zuora.
  • Express integration: Using the Button Generator Integration tool, you can copy and paste HTML code to add Amazon buy buttons to your website.
  • Custom integration: Amazon Pay has APIs and SDKs that your web developer can use to add the service to your website or mobile app. The website includes integration guides, code samples, an Amazon Pay API reference and UX guidelines.
  • Amazon Pay integration for Worldpay merchants: If you're one of Worldpay's online retailers, you can enable Amazon Pay as a payment option and add the company's familiar checkout button to your e-commerce website.
  • Voice commerce: You can create an Alexa Skill to use with Amazon Pay, allowing Alexa users to purchase your products or services by voice command using their Amazon accounts.
  • Recurring payments: This payment method allows you to automatically accept payments from your customers at regular intervals, such as for subscriptions or usage-based bills.
  • Multicurrency capabilities: Amazon Pay supports several currencies, including the British pound, euro, Hong Kong dollar, Japanese yen and Swiss franc. To use this feature, you need to update your plugin. You then list the prices for the items you sell in the desired currencies. When your customers check out, they select their local currency. Amazon Pay converts the payment to your local currency when it deposits the money into your account.
  • Security features: Amazon Pay includes its fraud protection, risk management and chargeback controls for no additional cost.

Additional Considerations

Amazon Pay can be used by merchants in the U.S., U.K. and several European countries. To set up an account, you need to fill out the online merchant registration form. It asks for personal information such as your phone number, street address, bank account, and credit card as well as business details such as your taxpayer ID, EIN, or Social Security number. You'll also need to answer some questions about your website to ensure that it complies with Amazon's acceptable use policy.

You must have an account to contact Amazon Pay's customer support, and email, phone and chat support is available. If you have questions for the sales team, you can fill out a form on the company's website. For merchants who prefer to troubleshoot issues themselves, Amazon Pay offers a detailed online knowledgebase, which includes video tutorials and tips on how to best implement Amazon Pay on your website.


If your cash flow is tight and you need to access your processed funds quickly, Amazon Pay isn't the right credit card processing company for you due to its reserve policy. You also need to consider whether you can comply with Amazon's A-to-z Guarantee before signing up for this payment service.

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Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay

Reviews at

The Verdict

With Amazon Pay, you can offer your online customers a simplified checkout experience. It has a flat rate and no monthly, annual or PCI fees, but its reserve policy may stall your cash flow.

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