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AMC Health is a telemedicine software that allows you to consult with your patients at their home or any other remote location. This platform includes sophisticated tracking software that’s compatible with nearly any Bluetooth-enabled medical device, so you can monitor a patient’s health from just about anywhere. This solution is ideal if you have patients with chronic illnesses who cannot travel or who live in rural areas where you cannot readily travel.

AMC Health

AMC Health

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This telemedicine platform uses remote devices, which can be operated by the patient or a caregiver, to relay biometric data directly to you through a Bluetooth receiver. These devices include digital stethoscopes, blood pressure monitors, thermometers, glucose meters and weight scales.

AMC Health designs its system to encourage patients to be engaged and self-reliant, while keeping their doctors informed. Patients can take biometric readings themselves, and you’ll get a clearer picture of their health. Devices compatible with AMC Health’s interface can send alerts when a patient’s readings cross a determined threshold, notifying you or other caregivers.

Live video chat allows you check in with patients to talk and analyze their condition. According to AMC Health, such a direct window into the patient’s condition allows you and caregivers to spot issues early and deal with them immediately, leading to fewer check-ins to the hospital, better quality of life for the patient and all around reduced health care costs.

The telemedicine software is flexible enough to be utilized for a variety of illnesses and medical needs, including in group nursing homes and clinical studies. If you are a researcher for a pharmaceutical maker or medical research institution, you can use AMC Health’s platform to expand your pool of subjects since telemedicine eliminates long-distance barriers. The remote devices of your choosing transmit the data for use in your study, and live chat over a computer or smartphone allows you to easily converse with subjects on their health and condition.

Even with telemedicine, you can’t be available to your patient at all times, so AMC Health supplements your health care with its own staff of licensed nurses and other experts. Insurance providers can also offer this service to clients to act as their full-time telemedicine provider.

Support staff is also available to educate you, your patients and their designated caregivers on how to use the service to its fullest. Customer services agents can install the system’s hardware and software for your patients as well.

AMC Health is a service that brings all the advantages of telemedicine to render health care to your patients, whether they are bedridden or living in a rural area. The simple system of remote medical devices that automatically transmit data keeps things simple for you and your patients. This, coupled with live video chat, makes this telemedicine solution pretty much the next best thing to an in-person office visit.

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AMC Health

AMC Health

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