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Anyplace Control Review

Skye Schooley
Skye Schooley
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Updated Mar 04, 2019

Anyplace Control is a basic remote PC access software application that offers secure connections between two Windows-operating computers. With interfaces in several languages and multilingual customer support, it is a great remote access option for an international business. It is easy to implement on any Windows desktop and offers a variety of connection options, including via computer ID, online account or IP address. Each connection is secured using an RC4 algorithm with 128-bit encryption and CHAP protocol for authentication. Once you’ve established a secure connection, Anyplace Control is a good program for high-speed file transfer and all the usual computer manipulations of other remote PC access programs.

Anyplace Control Review

Anyplace Control

The Verdict

Anyplace Control is good remote PC access software for international companies, since it supports changing IP addresses and several different languages. It also offers high security and usability.

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Anyplace Control Pricing and Software Plans

Anyplace Control offers a small variety of plans to fit your business needs. Whether you are looking for a basic remote connection plan or something to fit your IT support needs, Anyplace Control has you covered.

Anyplace Control has one-time fees based on the number of host licenses your business needs. This is a one-time fee for lifetime connection access via IP addresses and ID numbers and one-year connection access via your online account for some plans. The cost per remote host license is discounted by volume, so it is beneficial for someone who needs eternal access for many devices. Here are some specifics about the pricing and features for plans available with Anyplace Control:

  • Basic plan: This plan is free for accessing up to four remote host PCs and unlimited admin PCs. It costs $6.95 to $17.95 per host license, depending on how many you purchase at once. It does not offer an online account connection, but it does offer lifetime IP address and ID number connections.
  • Premium plan: This plan allows access to 1-1,000 devices, and it costs $8.95 to $48.95 per host license, depending on how many you purchase at once. This fee covers a one-year online account connection and lifetime IP address and ID number connections.
  • Helpdesk plan: This plan offers different features and caters to IT departments. The cost per host license is wholesale. There are four different Helpdesk subplans, ranging from one to an unlimited number of host PCs. The costs range from $99 to $999.

Anyplace Control offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. This allows you 30 days to try out the product and potentially switch to a different plan or different company altogether if it isn’t the right fit. If you need any additional features that are not in your selected plan, Anyplace Control is very accommodating and will typically create that feature or integration for you and apply it to your plan for a reasonable fee.


Anyplace Control offers a number of services and features for remote PC access, including the following:

  • Browser-based installation: To add a host PC to the software, you can either send a link with the software package to the remote desktop you want to connect to or add it via the remote computer’s IP address.
  • Security: Security features on this software include CHAP protocol for authentication and an RC4 algorithm with a 128-bit random key for encryption of data transferred into the network. This includes screen picture, pointer move and keyboard signals.
  • File transfer: Transferring files is fast and secure. If a file fails to transfer due to network failure, there is no need to start the procedure again. It will resume from where the failure occurred.
  • Grouping: Accessing multiple computers at once is a simple task with this software. You can set up demos or install updates to several computers simultaneously without going into each individually.
  • Customization: If you require a feature that is not part of your software plan, you can request a customized add-on from Anyplace Control.
  • Communication features: During your remote connections, you can communicate between computers via text chat, VoIP or clipboard.
  • Multiple languages: When you download the program, you can choose to run it in a number of different languages besides English, including Spanish and several European languages. Its multilingual capability makes it a stronger choice for European companies or companies that need to access computers in other nations.
  • Scalability: If you are looking to purchase additional user licenses or change your plan, you can scale your products by contacting Anyplace Control by phone, email, Skype or online ticket.
  • Customer service and resources: Anyplace Control offers several support options, including user guides, FAQs, video tutorials, forums and support tickets. However, you can only contact the support team over Skype during European business hours.

Pros and Cons of Anyplace Control


One of the biggest benefits of Anyplace Control is its usability. The software is very simple to use, and the admin dashboard is clean and easy to work with. Connecting to a remote computer is as simple as clicking on the name of the computer in your list. The menu bar has icons for the major commands you need, and the program features a chat tool so you can communicate with the remote computer.

Another great feature is the ability to change IP addresses. Anyplace Control supports computers that have changing, or non-static, IP addresses. If you don’t want to use an IP address, you can use the partner ID of the host computer, which is randomly generated by the Anyplace Control program. While this is a great security feature, it does mean that someone needs to be at the other computer to put in the information to connect.

The multiple connections available through the software are very secure. Anyplace Control is browser-based, so it works over internet/LAN, firewall and proxy. It offers multiple secure connections like double password protection, a computer ID or password, an Anyplace Control login, or an approved IP address.


One downside to this service is the inability for cross-platform access. Anyplace Control does not offer cross-platform support or an integrated mobile app. You can only use it to access Windows PCs. This limits the businesses that can use it, given the increasing demand for Mac, iOS and Android access.

Another feature we didn’t find in Anyplace Control was session scheduling and recording. This common capability is very useful in maintaining the correct connections and ensuring they follow protocol. Recording sessions is also helpful for future use in cases like training and demos.

Another downfall of this software is its specificity when it comes to installation. You have the choice of two kinds of programs – the host remote and the admin. Each one must be properly installed on its respective computer for the program to operate correctly.

Ease of Use

Using this remote PC access software is very simple, with a variety of options. You can establish a connection via LAN, Wi-Fi or the internet (broadband, cellular network, etc.). Once a connection is established, you can remotely access a computer through a computer ID, online account or IP address connection. 

On the Basic and Premium plans, you can’t freely transfer the license from one host PC to another. The license transfer is only allowed in exceptional cases by contacting the company. If you would like to have a remote host PC on an additional computer, you must purchase additional licenses. This is easy to do but something to keep in mind, as it is a different process from many of Anyplace Control’s competitors.

If you need assistance in setting up your software or adding more licenses to your plan, you can contact Anyplace Control’s support team via phone, Skype, email or support ticket. You can also review online resources like the user guides, FAQs, video tutorials, forums and blogs.

Anyplace Control Review

Anyplace Control

The Verdict

Anyplace Control is good remote PC access software for international companies, since it supports changing IP addresses and several different languages. It also offers high security and usability.

Skye Schooley
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