Aon Hewitt Review

By Editorial StaffLast Modified: January 3, 2018

Aon Hewitt is a large HR outsourcing company that provides many services to help you manage your HR department, including recruiting and hiring assistance and training, as well as payroll and benefit administration. It also offers performance management features and ensures your business is fully compliant with all state and federal rules and regulations. This HR outsourcing company has a lot to offer your HR department and can help you save on HR outsourcing costs, but it does have several drawbacks, including poor customer support with few resources.

This HR outsourcing company offers several services to ease the stress of managing your company's HR needs. It can handle HR responsibilities from the recruiting process to an employee's final days at the company. This HR outsourcing solution specializes in many areas, including payroll, staffing, compliance and retirement. It also assists with benefits administration for employees.

One of the standout aspects of this HR outsourcing company is its performance management features. Aon Hewitt understands that your employees' performance is critical, so it provides training, assessments, evaluations and tracking of your employees to ensure they are truly contributing to the success of your company.

We could not find any type of mobile app available from this company. Mobile apps make it possible for you and your employees to access information regarding their pay, benefits and more on the go, so an app would enhance the value of this service.

Additionally, we were disappointed in the customer support available from this company. We could find very few resources available on its website. We could not find any FAQs sections, brochures or white papers that provide more information about this service and other important HR topics. Many services offer online resources to help you get the most out of your HR outsourcing and understand the needs of HR compliance.

You can reach an Aon Hewitt representative via email. When you try to reach a representative via telephone, you must find a local Aon Hewitt with which to communicate. There is no general telephone number. In addition, there is no live chat support. This would make it even easier to receive assistance when you have questions about your HR program or HR outsourcing with Aon in general.

Even though the customer support options are not as robust as they should be, Aon Hewitt provides many services to tackle your HR responsibilities. This HR outsourcing service can handle many tasks, including performance management. It is a strong company with a lot to offer and the services to help you manage your department efficiently.

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