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By Chad BrooksLast Modified: March 14, 2018

APS is a cloud-based online payroll service you can customize to fit your business's requirements. The system handles all payroll processing and payroll tax obligations, it allows you to pay employees in several different ways, and it gives employees self-service access to the platform. In addition, APS offers time and attendance and HR programs that fully integrate with the payroll solution.

Pricing and Terms

APS provides customized pricing for each customer. Pricing is based on a number of factors, including how many employees you have and how often you run payroll. For a business with about 25 employees that runs payroll on a biweekly basis, we were given estimated pricing of about $90 per pay run. Additional employees were about $3 each.

Best Online Payroll Services
The Verdict
APS is an online payroll solution you can customize to fit your business, and you have access to a dedicated account specialist for help and support.
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There are no contracts with APS. We were also told that if the estimated pricing was too high, the company would tailor a solution to fit our budget.  

Payroll Services and Features

APS provides all of the services businesses need from an online payroll provider.

  • It is a cloud-based system that can be accessed from anywhere.

  • The platform is a single database that allows you to manage your pay rates, salaries, deductions and departments.

  • When processing payroll, you need to do so two days before payday. APS gives you the option of using direct deposit, checks or pay cards to pay your employees. To pay with checks, you can either print the checks at your business or pay a small delivery fee for check signing and stuffing.

  • APS offers thorough tax filing and paying services. The service calculates, files and pays all payroll taxes to the proper local, state and federal jurisdictions on your behalf. APS guarantees that all taxes will be paid on time and correctly. Should APS make an error, they will rectify the situation and pay any incurred fines.

  • APS offers employee self-service that allows your workers to log into the system to update personal information, review their pay history and pay stubs and see year-end tax forms. 

Additional Considerations

There are several other aspects of APS that make it a payroll solution worth considering.

  • APS gives employers the ability to run a wide range of payroll reports. It offers over 80 standard reports, from payroll to worker's compensation.

  • We were impressed with the level of customer support from APS. Everyone we spoke with at the company was friendly and helpful. Additionally, APS provides each customer with their own dedicated support representative who serves as the main point of contact for any questions or issues they run into.

  • APS offers a number of additional services, including a time and attendance system, core HR services, and recruiting and onboarding services.

  • APS integrates with a wide array of accounting, automated exports, point-of-sale, retirement plans and time and attendance services.    


One downside to APS is that you charged on a per-payroll basis. That can drive up costs depending on how often you run payroll.

We were also disappointed that APS isn't accredited member of the Better Business Bureau. Additionally, the company isn't BBB rated. Despite that, there have not been any complaints filed against APS with the BBB as of March 2018.

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Best Online Payroll Services
The Verdict
APS is an online payroll solution you can customize to fit your business, and you have access to a dedicated account specialist for help and support.
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