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Arvixe is a well-known web hosting company based in San Luis Obispo, California. This web hosting company offers services for a wide variety of internet setups, including blog hosting services. As such, Arvixe can prove useful even if you don't need the full spectrum of services involved in its larger web hosting packages.



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WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms, and Arvixe's blog hosting caters to the bloggers who use WordPress. Separate services also exist for bloggers using ExpressionEngine or Movable Type.

Hosting a blog with Arvixe gives you a fully managed solution. This means that Arvixe will take care of the security, backups and scalability for your blog. You also won't have to worry about installing WordPress updates on your own. A fully managed solution also typically means you will get premium technical support from the provider, and Arvixe offers 24/7 support for U.S.-based users. Part of this support package includes free website transfer from other hosting services. Arvixe's team of technical support specialists will transfer your blog and its content to Arvixe's services when you get started.

Arvixe runs all of its servers on solid-state drives (SSDs) and offers you unlimited storage space for your blog. All of its drives are set up following a RAID 10 configuration, which consists of an array of independent disks. This setup allows for greater performance and redundancy, so your data is always protected. Arvixe also includes a 99.9% uptime guarantee for its hosting services. If uptime for this amount of time doesn't happen, Arvixe will refund your money for that month.

This web host for blogs offers security and protection from distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, network monitoring and firewalls. In addition, the service provides nightly security updates and actual physical security employees at its data centers.

A shared sockets layer (SSL) certificate is necessary for websites that transfer sensitive information like personal details and credit card numbers. Arvixe can provide you a SSL certificate for an extra cost per year. If you don't want to purchase a SSL certificate through Arivxe, you can still install a custom one of your choosing.

Arvixe is a solid choice among the multitude of blog hosting sites out there. The company offers strong security features and can provide a reliable and performance-focused setup for any new or existing blog you own.



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