Avanquest Partition Commander Review

By Andreas RiveraLast Modified: January 5, 2018

Avanquest Partition Commander provides you with a comprehensive range of features to effectively organize and manage your hard drive. With this partition manager software, you can partition, back up and restore data. We especially appreciated that this application had a section called Partition Commander which gives you access to all the tools necessary to manage your hard drive. Because all the tools are located on one page, it is easy to navigate and understand this software.

Avanquest's Partitioning Commander 11 includes many extra features. This software aids you in cleaning up, or defragmenting, your hard drive to optimize its speed and storage capacity. If you would like install a new operating system or a dual operating system, this application can help you with this process as well. This partition manager software also includes a boot manager, which will help you boot up and switch between operating systems.

Avanquest Partition Commander
Avanquest Partition Commander
Best Server Backup and Imaging Software
The Verdict
The feature set included in this software provides all the essential hard drive management tools.
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We regret that this hard drive partition software does not have the ability to wipe the hard drive clean or predict disk failure.

The Partition Commander section of this partition manager software also gives you access to backup tools. You can clone a partition or hard disk to transfer information to another computer. You can also perform a simple backup. These options help you keep your important data safe.

You can also access and perform these functions from the "Copying and Migration" or "Backup and Rescue" sections of the main menu.

This software also allows you to redistribute the free space on the hard disk, which further puts you in control of how you want to format and organize your hard drive.

This partition manager software makes it simple to organize your hard drive through partitions. You can perform simple partitioning commands, such as creating a partition or formatting a partition, directly from the partitioning section of the main menu.

If you need to perform more advanced partitioning or hard drive management functions you will need to open the Partition Commander. Here you can delete, merge, create, format and restore partitions. The Partition Commander also shows visual representations of your partitions and unused disk space.

This product ranked high in the help and support section because Avanquest does not charge users for support, while other software developers sometimes do. Avanquest provides telephone, email and online chat support. There is also a self-support section that allows you to find the answers to your questions in the FAQs page and user forum.

We found that Partition Commander 11 is extremely user friendly. After you choose any of the functions from the Partition Commander or the main menu, a setup wizard will guide you through the entire process, making it simple and worry-free. We appreciate the stress-free approach of this software’s interface.

We also like that the software double checks with you before it makes any changes, since some changes can erase important data. First the application will ask you if you are sure you want to make a change. Then the software will show the changes in the Partition Commander and ask you to apply or discard the changes. This approach allows you to visually see the changes you are planning to make before you actually apply them.

Avanquest Partition Commander is excellent software that allows you to perform many more features than the average partition manager software. We recommend it for its ease of use and free technical support.

Avanquest Partition Commander
Avanquest Partition Commander
Best Server Backup and Imaging Software
The Verdict
The feature set included in this software provides all the essential hard drive management tools.
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