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B2W Estimate Review

By Business.com Editorial StaffLast Modified: December 18, 2017

B2W Estimate is one of the most comprehensive construction estimating software we reviewed and is one of only a handful that has mobile capabilities. This application is designed specifically for highway construction but has the ability to handle the majority of large civil and industrial projects as well as smaller projects, such as new home construction or remodeling. This versatility and the ease of using this program place it among the best construction estimating software.

B2W has all of the job and cost-tracking tools we looked for when we reviewed bidding software. These functions are important after the bid has been accepted and the work has started. Change order processing lets you adjust pricing to a bid after the work has started in order to reflect actual costs from suppliers and subcontractors. You can save these changes in the master cost list or use them to create a custom price book that more accurately reflects pricing based on actual costs rather than local averages.

B2W Estimate
B2W Estimate
Best Construction Estimating Software
The Verdict
B2W Estimate has a massive feature set and advanced technology, which make it a good choice for heavy-duty projects, such as highway construction.
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This commercial bidding program lets you create databases that list vendors and suppliers. You can define crews for labor and equipment, and you can use the included scheduling tools to outline when each part of the construction project should begin and finish, to track employees and to manage time.

Considering the level of detail this application offers, B2W Estimate is still easy to use. We are impressed with the streamlined interface. B2W Estimate also provides detailed and personalized training. This instruction ranges from onsite training and classroom coaching at an independent learning center to instruction at the B2W Estimate headquarters in New Hampshire. Continued training is also available online. You can also receive personalized assistance over the phone and contact the company by email, though both of these are available only during regular business hours. You do have access to helpful video tutorials and pre-recorded webinars that we found were clear in their intent and direction.

Every aspect of the estimating process is covered by B2W Estimate's features. This software allows you to manipulate at a very fine level of detail. This level of control is realized in B2W Estimate's customization options, wherein you can delineate every resource according to specific quantities and costs. The system allows you to integrate multiple electronic databases to use realistic prices and increase the accuracy and efficiency of your bids.

This construction cost estimator includes all the best estimating tools we looked for while comparing solutions. It supports digital takeoffs, super assemblies and custom modification of individual item prices. B2W Estimate's system updates in real time. This enables you to instantly see how each aspect affects the final bid amount. Databases are organized by common name rather than industry codes, making it easier to search and find the items you need for your final estimate.

The software's interface is similar to Microsoft application, so the system has a familiar look and feel. It offers a centralized database where you can store all the information about crews, labor, equipment and materials in one location. The drag-and-drop functionality allows you to transfer information within and between bids easily. An estimate check wizard is included with the application. This useful tool automatically proofs your estimate to locate several of the most common estimating mistakes.

Another innovative feature included in the B2W Estimate system is the capability for mobile bidding. Estimators can input information while they're onsite or on the go and easily synchronize the information when they reconnect to the server. Furthermore, B2W Estimate utilizes advanced security tools to limit access to and securely store and back up your bid information online.

The only feature we didn't see was the ability to import CAD designs and tools to interact with them once they are in the program. Other programs have this feature, which makes it easier to create a bid rather than relying on pages of spreadsheet data, a common design for estimating software.

B2W Estimate is part of a great list of business solutions specifically tailored to commercial construction companies and projects, including dispatch and field tracking and equipment maintenance. In addition to the other solutions offered by B2W, this estimating program can integrate with third-party solutions, such as project management, contract solutions and accounting programs, including QuickBooks. The only programs B2W doesn't integrate with are customer management programs, or CRMs. Some of these features are included in B2W itself, but the more comprehensive tools are absent.

Overall, B2W Estimate is an impressive, heavy-duty highway construction estimating and bidding application. It includes many essential features and a streamlined interface. The software integrates well with other essential software, such as accounting and project management applications. Plus, it accommodates a remarkable level of detail. Combining the right tools and the right functions, B2W Estimate is a great application for precise construction estimates and successful bidding.

B2W Estimate
B2W Estimate
Best Construction Estimating Software
The Verdict
B2W Estimate has a massive feature set and advanced technology, which make it a good choice for heavy-duty projects, such as highway construction.
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Business.com Editorial Staff
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