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Estimator360 Review

Joshua Stowers
Joshua Stowers

Estimator360 is cloud-based estimation software that can be accessed from any laptop, computer, tablet or smartphone. This software offers automated estimating tools that can help make bidding easier for contractors. It specializes in residential construction but offers several features that can support any industry, including material cost management, real-time supplier bids, project schedules and crew time logs. This software also allows you to create your own price book by contacting your suppliers to update material prices. 



The Verdict

Estimator360 is an efficient, versatile construction estimator that also serves as business management software to help you control schedules, proposals and contracts, invoices, and material lists.

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Estimator360's pricing depends on several factors based on your business's needs. One option the company offers is an unlimited project package. With this plan, which starts at $269 per month when you pay annually or $299 when you pay month to month, you can conduct unlimited estimates, have an unlimited number of users and work on an unlimited number of projects.

This plan also includes assemblies, proposals and contracts, change orders, client interaction, estimate-powered scheduling, time tracking and analytics, crew interaction, accounting, integrations with third-party software like QuickBooks, and unlimited free training and live chat assistance. 

The Estimator360 website only states the starting prices. While the representative we spoke with was not able to give us a more precise price estimate without specific business details, we would encourage businesses to contact the company to talk about how they plan to use the software to get a price quote specific to their needs. 

You can schedule a free demo and sign up for a 14-day free trial to gain a better idea of how the software works and if it's good for your construction business. 

Estimator360 Pros

Estimator360 provides many features to benefit your clients and team. These are the ones we found particularly useful.


During the estimating process, you can use Estimator360 to calculate a timetable for the project, considering labor costs. In the building phase, you can refer to this schedule and compare it to the actual duration of the project to keep you on track. 

Patent-Pending Technology

Esimator360's patent-pending technology increases efficiency among assemblies, making project creation faster and easier. This technology also allows the software to automatically generate purchase orders and monitor your team's activity in real time. 


Estimator360 integrates with QuickBooks, allowing you to send your invoices, purchase orders and timesheets to your QuickBooks accounts instantly. Estimator360 tracks the status of any data it syncs with QuickBooks to keep you up to date in real time. 

Crew Time Logs

Your team members can log their work time right from the construction site on any device. They can do this in two ways: automatic punch-ins and punch-outs or manual input. These timestamps are tracked in real time, and any incorrect timestamps are flagged for the administrator's evaluation. 

Estimator360 Cons

One drawback we found was Estimator360's inability to import CAD designs. A lot of other software offers this feature, giving construction business owners the option to use the estimation software for design and floor planning. 

We were also disappointed that we were unable to receive a more accurate price quote when we contacted the company to learn more about the software's costs. Smaller companies might not want to spend $300 a month for the software, especially if they don't have a lot of team members working on a large number of projects. It would be nice to know if any smaller service plans are available for a lower cost. 

Customer Support

Estimator360 offers free unlimited training and support, and you have unlimited access to live chat and personalized assistance when you sign up for the 14-day free trial. You can use the free live demo to evaluate how well the software meets your construction business's needs. 

The company offers a few helpful resources on its website, including case studies and a blog about the construction estimation software industry.

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The Verdict

Estimator360 is an efficient, versatile construction estimator that also serves as business management software to help you control schedules, proposals and contracts, invoices, and material lists.

Joshua Stowers
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