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Blue Fountain Media Review

Skye Schooley
Skye Schooley

Blue Fountain Media offers medium-size businesses and enterprise clients websites that are professionally designed and fully optimized. While some "custom" web design companies use house-designed templates to create their products, Blue Fountain Media creates truly one-of-a-kind websites for each of its clients. Blue Fountain Media may be expensive for some small businesses, but for the money you spend on this service, Blue Fountain Media your website is in the capable hands of professionals who know the ins and outs of search engine optimization best practices, graphic design, website architecture and more. 

Blue Fountain Media

Blue Fountain Media

The Verdict

Blue Fountain Media is the best full-service website design agency for medium and large businesses.

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Blue Fountain Media Pricing and Plans

Blue Fountain Media provides completely customized plans that are tailored to each company's specific needs. Pricing is based on the scope of the project. When we spoke with a Blue Fountain Media representative (as part of our testing), we were told the company has a minimum engagement (e.g., a three-month minimum). 

We were told that a minimum engagement for marketing and SEO can cost $5,000 per month, whereas web design services can be closer to $30,000 per project. However, the cost and duration of your web design project (and the contract) may be different from the ballpark figure we were given. "It depends" is never truly comforting for a buyer, but Blue Fountain Media's pricing is based on what each business needs for its website.

Blue Fountain Media Features

If you decide to hire Blue Fountain Media, you're not just getting a web designer – you're also benefiting from the firm's knowledge about how to make your website functional, accessible and easy to find, which is especially helpful for small companies that don't have business intelligence experts. Other features of Blue Fountain Media that impressed us include the following: 

  • Web design and appearance: Before designing your website, a Blue Fountain Media representative will discuss your needs and goals with you and create a custom plan. Their reps will share full-color mockups of each template, which build on the wireframes created during the planning process. After your website is created, you can decide if you want Blue Fountain Media to train you on the customized CMS, or they can maintain the site for you.

  • Web hosting and domain names: You can host your web site through Blue Fountain Media; the costs vary depending on how much security, storage and support you need.

  • SEO and analytics: Although no web design service can guarantee your site will be at the very top of every search engine results page, Blue Fountain Media offers SEO services to make your site competitive in Google rankings. In addition to SEO strategy, Blue Fountain Media optimizes your website for fast loading times. Clients of Blue Fountain Media can access their website traffic and other metrics via Google Analytics. This is useful in analyzing how your website is performing and where you can improve your customers' experience.

  • Branding: You may already have an established logo that people know, but if it needs a slight touch-up or a complete rebranding, Blue Fountain Media can create a new logo for you. The company also has a copywriting team for site content and marketing campaigns. (Additional costs apply for these services.)

  • Mobile responsive designs: Every site designed is built to be responsive for mobile devices. The same images and creative designs are used but customized for mobile readers. In addition, Blue Fountain Media can create a mobile app for you.

  • E-commerce: Blue Fountain Media offers websites with full e-commerce capabilities. They primarily use BigCommerce, but they work across multiple providers.

Pros of Blue Fountain Media

Blue Fountain Media's website provides you with all the information you might want to know about web design. Of course, while the information is intended to persuade you to call them for a quote, the company provides a lot of information, including case studies, that provide comfort for any business owner who is about to make a significant investment into launching their company's website. 

Another benefit of Blue Fountain Media is how comprehensive the service is. It offers way more than website design and hosting. It offers an array of branding and marketing services like digital and brand strategy, brand collateral and identity, social media marketing, paid media, data analytics and business intelligence, and influencer marketing, to name a few. 

Cons of Blue Fountain Media

The biggest drawback to partnering with Blue Fountain Media is the cost. The service may be too expensive for startups and small businesses that need a basic website or are operating on a small budget. Blue Fountain Media caters more to larger businesses, and there are contractual requirements. If your business has the budget for Blue Fountain Media, it may be the way to go. 

Customer Support

Blue Fountain Media has a wealth of resources on its website. Its Insights tab has articles based on several topics like digital trends, emerging technology, consumer trends, user experience, digital platforms and audience engagement. You can also learn about the company's many services. 

You can contact a representative by phone or filling out the contact form on the website. Each Blue Fountain Media client is assigned a dedicated account manager to guide them through the process. Blue Fountain Media is a good option for businesses that need hands-on consulting services and customization and that have the budget for the firm's full web design and marketing services.

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Blue Fountain Media

Blue Fountain Media

The Verdict

Blue Fountain Media is the best full-service website design agency for medium and large businesses.

Skye Schooley
Skye Schooley Staff
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