Blue Fountain Media Review

By Editorial StaffLast Modified: January 5, 2018

As a business owner, you must make large investments and trust that the website design services you choose create finished products that best represent your brand. Blue Fountain Media provides every feature you could possibly need. However, unless you own a medium- or enterprise-level business, you may struggle with the price for each additional service.

Though there is no perfect web design service that can guarantee your site a place at the very top of every list of search engine results, Blue Fountain Media offers comprehensive SEO services to make your site competitive in Google rankings. In addition to SEO strategy, Blue Fountain Media optimizes your website for fast loading times by using HTML5 rather than Flash, because a slow-loading site can turn readers away.

This professional web design service utilizes nearly every content management system (CMS) available, and the decision of which system to use is ultimately up to you. You can choose from Drupal, Magento, WordPress or Blue Fountain's proprietary CMS, Web ModuLITE.

This premier CMS provides standard tools like text editing, admin permissions, lead generation forms and proprietary analytics. The benefit of using Web ModuLITE as opposed to WordPress, for example, is the extra customization that the company can do on the front end. There are virtually no restrictions. The downside is that you have to host with Blue Fountain if you use it, but you can host elsewhere with any of the other CMS options.

Also, every site it designs is built to be responsive for mobile devices. The same images and creative design are used but customized for mobile readers. In addition, this professional website design service can create a mobile app.

You may already have an established logo that people know, but if it needs a slight touch-up or a complete rebranding, Blue Fountain Media can create one for you. The company also has a copywriting team for site content and marketing campaigns. As with any other web design company, there is an extra cost for these add-on services.

Continued web hosting, if you choose to do so through Blue Fountain Media, comes at a variety of prices. Each package depends on how much security, storage and support you need. The company can also produce original animated videos.

After its initial creation, available ongoing maintenance for your site is based on the package you signed up for and what needs to be done. The term "it depends" is never truly comforting for a buyer, but since everything is based around what each business needs for its site, that's truly what it comes down to.

Blue Fountain Media's website provides you with all the information you might want to know about the industry of web design. Of course, the information is meant to guide you into calling for a quote, but great descriptions of the services and problems you may run into provide comfort for any business owner just starting out with an investment in his or her site.

Blue Fountain Media is one of the best web design companies thanks to its SEO prowess and complete feature set. Prospective customers should know that they will need to pony up a solid payment to get started, but in this industry, you get what you pay for.

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