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BlueJeans is a cloud-based video conferencing service that covers all of the bases for those looking to host online meetings. The system allows for meetings with up to 100 participants and includes a wide range of valuable features, including HD video, Dolby audio, screen sharing, meeting recordings and whiteboarding. BlueJeans also offers smart meeting technology, which utilizes in-app intelligence to capture important moments during a conference and provide post-meeting recaps. The system is available in three service plans, with customer support available 24/7.



The Verdict

BlueJeans is a cloud-hosted video conferencing service that provides all of the necessary tools to host productive online meetings. Depending on the service plan you choose, you can host meetings with up to 100 participants.



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BlueJeans Pricing 

BlueJeans is a cloud-hosted system, which means you pay a recurring monthly or annual fee to use the service. The platform is available in three service plans that vary in price, number of people that can attend a video conference and included features. All of the plans allow unlimited one-on-one and group meetings, with no limits on how long a meeting can last. They also all include smart meeting features, such as meeting highlights, action item tags and intelligent meeting recaps. Here is a breakdown of each plan. 

BlueJeans Standard

  • Cost: $12.49 per host per month
  • Max number of attendees: 50
  • Meeting recording: 5 hours
  • Features: HD video, Dolby audio, interactive meeting dashboards, instant and scheduled meetings, active speaker and gallery views, desktop and application sharing, private and group chat, whiteboarding, breakout sessions, and dial-in numbers 

BlueJeans Pro

  • Cost: $17.49 per host per month
  • Max number of attendees: 75
  • Meeting recording: 25 hours
  • Features: Everything in the Standard plan plus command center analytics, integrations with Slack and Microsoft Teams, sales integrations with Gong and Zoho, and learning management integrations with Canvas and CirQlive 

BlueJeans Enterprise

  • Cost: Custom (contact BlueJeans for a quote)
  • Max number of attendees: 100
  • Meeting recording: Unlimited
  • Features: Everything in the Pro plan plus brand customization and access to onboarding, customer success, and technical account managers 

If you commit to a year of service and pay upfront, you get a 20% discount on your plan. 


There is no shortage of features available with BlueJeans. The platform includes various tools that are critical to productive online meetings, such as desktop and application sharing, HD video, private and group chat, active speaker and gallery view options, and whiteboarding. 

These are some of the other valuable features BlueJeans offers: 

  • Smart meetings: BlueJeans has incorporated artificial intelligence into its platform to provide some features that not all video conferencing solutions offer. This includes the ability to capture meeting highlights, assign tasks during a meeting and initiate an automated follow-up process, and create meeting recaps. 
  • Video pinning: During meetings, the software allows you to set a specific video feed as the main speaker. This ensures their camera feed is always visible. 
  • Remote desktop control: This tool allows one meeting participant to access another attendee's desktop for sharing purposes. 
  • Host controls: Meeting hosts can set meeting layouts, lock meetings and kick attendees out if necessary. 
  • Breakout sessions: BlueJeans allows hosts to create up to 20 smaller group sessions during a meeting to facilitate small group working sessions. The host can assign participants to specific groups, or randomly assign participants. 

BlueJeans Pros

There's a lot of positives to using BlueJeans. One is the service's mobile options. There are mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices that allow users to join meetings from anywhere. From the app, you can also share your mobile screen. This is a feature we didn't see in all of the video conferencing solutions we examined. 

For those joining a meeting from their car, there is a safe driving mode that switches the meeting to audio only so there are fewer distractions. Also, the app can automatically detect when network connectivity is weak and will recommend other connection options. 

Security is another advantage of using BlueJeans. The software features a number of security tools to prevent outsiders from accessing meetings, including randomized meeting IDs and passwords, fraud detection, and AES 256-bit encryption. BlueJeans allows hosts to lock meetings once all invitees have joined and kick participants out of meetings if needed. 

The smart meeting technology is another plus of BlueJeans. It seems natural that more and more video conferencing solutions will be incorporating artificial intelligence and machine learning into their platforms, so it's nice that BlueJeans is ahead of the curve on that. 

BlueJeans also offers one-time webinar services, allowing hundreds of attendees. Webinars cost $500 each. They include up to 100 interactive video presenters, attendee registration and workflows, livestreaming via Facebook, and corporate branding and customization. 

BlueJeans Cons 

One downside of BlueJeans is the limits on meeting participants. Even with the platform's most comprehensive service plan, you can only host up to 100 participants at a time. For many small businesses, these limits won't be an issue, but it's a problem for businesses that have more employees and want to conduct companywide video conferences. 

Another minor negative is that we couldn't find a record of BlueJeans with the Better Business Bureau. It would have been nice to see if the company had a high or low ranking and whether any complaints had been lodged against it. 

BlueJeans Customer Support 

BlueJeans offers all users customer support by phone and live chat 24/7. It's nice to be able to reach someone for help at all times. Not all of the video conferencing services we analyzed offer this level of support. 

BlueJeans also offers a number of helpful resources on its website, including video tutorials that give you tips on scheduling and joining meetings, using administrative tools and integrations, and more.

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The Verdict

BlueJeans is a cloud-hosted video conferencing service that provides all of the necessary tools to host productive online meetings. Depending on the service plan you choose, you can host meetings with up to 100 participants. editorial staff editorial staff Member
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