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Brandwatch social media monitoring software examines data from over 80 million sources, including social networks like Facebook and Twitter, news, blogs, and even product reviews. Therefore, it can deliver a huge amount of data for social media analytics and sentiment analysis. Its extensive filters and customizable reports make that data easy to analyze and use in your marketing campaigns, product research and reputation management. It's especially good for agencies or businesses with multiple users who have different needs.



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This software service listens to the major social media networks and monitors over two dozen languages for your keywords, like products, your company name or names of your competitors. It also listens to blogs, news, forums and reviews. It has extensive filters to weed out spam and unnecessary messages, and it can understand slang, which helps identify details or sentiment.

Brandwatch looks beyond the usual demographics to include a poster's profession and stated interests, and it can identify leads or potential buyers. Naturally, it analyzes sentiment – positive, negative or neutral feelings, making it good for monitoring your online reputation or keeping tabs on how you fare against competitors.

You can program the software to search for specific terms. Depending on your plan, it can show you historical data from as far back as 2010. You can also narrow searches. For example, you can narrow tweets to those by male posters who have 5,000 followers and have posted at least 600 times.

Another useful feature this software offers is impact assessment. Brandwatch has developed its own algorithms based on breadth of reach, influence of the author, likes and shares to determine the impact of a particular post. This can tell you which posts deserve more attention.

These filters come in handy because you can set up multiple dashboards for different users and customize their search terms accordingly. The software also supports unlimited users; some services limit the number of users. It does limit how many mentions you can see per month, but the numbers are large.

With Brandwatch's Vizia platform, you can display your social media results across your corporation, but this software does not come with social media engagement tools that let you post responses right from the dashboard. However, it does integrate with Hootsuite and Spredfast so that you can use its data in those applications. The application programming interface lets you integrate Brandwatch data into other business applications as well, meaning it can inform all levels of your business, not just marketing.

Brandwatch's social media monitoring tools can provide you comprehensive yet focused marketing research, giving you deep insights into what is being said about you, your products or your business. Its ability to create multiple dashboards and support unlimited users makes it a good choice for agencies that do monitoring and analysis for multiple clients as well.



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