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Call Center Sales Pro Review and Pricing

Adam Uzialko
Adam Uzialko

Call Center Sales Pro offers both answering services and call center services tailored on a client-by-client basis. In addition to answering services and both inbound and outbound call center services, the company offers consulting services. Call Center Sales Pro maintains four domestic call centers in Tennessee, California and Ohio.

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Call Center Sales Pro and Pricing

The Verdict

Call Center Sales Pro offers answering and call center services with midrange rates, exceptional customer service, and a user-friendly client portal.

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Call Center Sales Pro tailors its plans on a client-by-client basis, so pricing varies widely by call volume and scope of services. The company offers both shared and dedicated agent models, which are priced differently. Dedicated agents range in cost from $28 to $36 per hour depending on your account’s complexity. Shared agents range from 80 cents to $1.20 per minute depending on your call volume and account complexity. The company also offers a blended model that makes use of both agent types based on your typical call volumes throughout the day.

Call Center Sales Pro also charges a setup fee, which depends on the scope of your service and the amount of technological setup and programming required. The company also has contract minimums, unlike most of the call centers in our review. For small and midsize businesses, Call Center Sales Pro generally requires a three-month contract, and larger businesses need to sign a yearlong contract.

Call Center Service Features

Call Center Sales Pro’s call center services provide a more advanced way to engage with your customers through inbound calls or to engage with your suppliers and partners through outbound calls. You can also employ its agents to moderate comments on your Amazon stores, manage your email accounts, offer live chat service on your website’s homepage and monitor your social media pages. Call Center Sales Pro offers one of the more diverse selections of call center services in our review, including the following:

  • Customer service: Call Center Sales Pro can handle your customer service, fielding callers without giving away that they are with an outsourced company. Customer service includes handling sales and product support, technical support, and complaints.
  • B2B outbound calls: The outbound call center services primarily focus on the B2B end of business rather than consumer-facing tasks. These services include placing orders over the phone, working with suppliers to find new products, and conducting market research through polls and surveys.
  • Comment moderation: If you manage an e-commerce store on a third-party platform like Amazon, that means people can leave comments and reviews. Call Center Sales Pro will help you moderate these forums to manage obscene or unhelpful content appropriately.
  • Email management: Call Center Sales Pro can manage your email channels to further reduce your company’s communication workload.
  • Web chat: Call Center Sales Pro can implement live chat on your website’s homepage. Agents will manage the chat around the clock, giving customers another way to contact your business.
  • Social media monitoring: You can also outsource your company’s social media monitoring to Call Center Sales Pro. This includes comment moderation and engagement with other social media users.

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Answering Service Features

Call Center Sales Pro develops custom plans for each client based on their specific needs, goals, call volume and scope of services required. The company began as a consultation service and grew into a call center, but consultation remains a key component of its outsourced call center services. Call Center Sales Pro kicks things off with your company by analyzing your call data and business trends to devise a unique answering services plan for you. These are some of Call Center Sales Pro’s answering services:

  • Live answering: Agents answer calls for your business 24/7/365 and read from a predeveloped script to promote your brand’s particular message.
  • Message taking: Agents can simply take messages from callers and pass those messages on to you or your staff by phone, SMS text, email or all three.
  • Lead capture: Call Center Sales Pro agents can capture callers’ contact information for later reference and to use in your marketing campaigns.
  • Order taking: If you have an e-commerce store, the call center agents can walk your customers through it and help them process orders to reduce cart abandonment. They can even upsell products to your customers as part of this service.
  • FAQs: You can give call center agents a list of the most common questions your business gets and the responses you would like them to give, enabling them to field most calls and respond to callers without transferring them or taking down a message.


Because Call Center Sales Pro creates a custom service plan for each client, it is difficult to gauge what the price will be without speaking to a sales representative. Shared agents range from competitively priced to expensive, making it hard to rank Call Center Sales Pro against the competition. To find out the cost for your business, you’ll have to have at least a preliminary discussion with the sales department. In our initial call, we were not able to obtain a proposal or even ballpark estimate without hard data regarding our call volume.

Customer Service

Despite the lack of a proposal, Call Center Sales Pro provided excellent customer service to us. The representative we spoke with was immensely knowledgeable and patient. He took a great deal of time explaining the company’s model, which differs slightly from other call center services in that it offers consultative services and adjusts service based on trends and new data insights. While the representative was enthusiastic about Call Center Sales Pro’s services, he never tried to force a sale, and he was forthcoming about aspects of the service like additional fees and the call center’s focus on B2B outbound calling.

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Call Center Sales Pro and Pricing

The Verdict

Call Center Sales Pro offers answering and call center services with midrange rates, exceptional customer service, and a user-friendly client portal.

Adam Uzialko
Adam Uzialko
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