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Callbox is an international company that offers traditional telemarketing and B2B appointment setting services as well as online tools to help find you the potential customers that you need to make your business thrive. It generates leads for businesses of many different sizes from a diverse array of fields, including IT, finance, education, healthcare, real estate, travel and more. Callbox provides marketing solutions to companies that are ready to let a sales lead generation service do the legwork of finding potential customers.



The Verdict

Callbox offers a variety of services that can help you generate and nurture sales leads.

This lead generation company offers search engine optimization, which can help you attract your target audience to your website and increase your leads online. Callbox researches the types of keywords that are likely to move your business’s name closer to the top of search results, making it easier for potential customers to find your business. Callbox then helps you work those keywords into the content on your website and can also create additional content, such as blogs, press releases and articles that can draw attention to the products and services that your business offers. Callbox doesn't write white papers for its customers or help you purchase paid advertisements on search engines.

In terms of social media, Callbox can help spread the word about your services on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and other similar sites by creating accounts for you and posting positive news about your company. It can interact on your behalf with your current and potential customers and follow conversations online that indicate what people think about your brand. Callbox can also help with email marketing and event promotion.

Traditional telemarketing and B2B appointment setting services are also offered by Callbox. It can have its team call your potential leads to educate them about your business's products, extend personal invitations to upcoming events or follow up after a tradeshow. It maintains large databases of business contacts and can filter those lists to find the best potential leads for your business. Callbox can also coordinate direct mail campaigns for you.

Callbox can help you organize and maintain your database of contacts. Callbox staffers telephone each lead to confirm contact information and collect other demographics, removing invalid contact information along the way. They can then score the leads to help you evaluate which are most likely to become customers.

Callbox Pipeline, the company's proprietary customer relationship management platform, gives you a real-time look at the leads it's generating for your business. You can see up-to-the-minute details about each call that Callbox makes on your behalf – who the caller spoke with, the size of the company, location, business type and credit rating. You can have alerts and reminders sent out to your team members about the upcoming sales appointments that Callbox has arranged for them.

The company assigns you an account manager, a QA analyst, a primary agent and a backup agent so you always have a point of contact if you need to voice concerns. It customizes your plan based on your business's specific needs, and you can read about the services it offers on its website. You can reach the company by email and live chat, which is a timesaver if you have just a quick question. Customer service is also available by phone with local numbers in several countries.

Callbox generates leads for your business from many angles and offers both good online tools and a call center that can perform telemarketing tasks on your behalf. Callbox can create content for your website and optimize it to improve your ranking on search engines as well as help you with social media and email marketing. It can also help you promote your events and run direct mail campaigns. It doesn't write white papers or assist with purchasing paid search advertisements.

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The Verdict

Callbox offers a variety of services that can help you generate and nurture sales leads. editorial staff editorial staff Member
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