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CapitalPlus Review

Sean Peek
Sean Peek

CapitalPlus specializes in factoring for construction companies. Not every factoring service will work with construction companies, or, typically, the factoring companies that do work with construction firms charge higher rates. Your company doesn't have to be in the construction industry – CapitalPlus services many types of businesses. But if your business is based in construction, CapitalPlus is worth considering. 



The Verdict

CaptitalPlus is a recourse factoring company that specializes in helping construction companies with financing issues.

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CapitalPlus Rates and Fees

This factoring company funds 80% – or more depending on your business – of the invoices it buys from you upfront. After CapitalPlus receives payment from your customers, it funds the remainder of the invoice amount to you minus its fees, which vary based on your specific company. 

You can factor invoices that are up to 60 days delinquent with CapitalPlus, which is typical in this industry. CapitalPlus will factor however much you want each month; there is no maximum dollar amount you have to stay under to work with this company. This is rare in this industry and can be helpful to businesses that have a large number of invoices they need to factor. 

CapitalPlus requires a minimum scheduled amount of $6,500, which may be in excess of what your business needs. 

CapitalPlus does not charge startup or termination fees; however, it only offers recourse factoring, which means you are responsible for unpaid invoices from your clients. If a client misses a payment, you are on the line for that amount, which could disrupt your cash flow significantly. Other companies we reviewed offer nonrecourse financing, which does not hold you liable for missed payments.

Minimum Requirements

Like other factoring companies we evaluated, CapitalPlus has minimal requirements that don't exclude startups or smaller businesses from the financing they need to get by. CapitalPlus does not evaluate your credit score, consider your annual revenue or ask how long you have been in business. Rather, it evaluates your customers or clients to ensure they are creditworthy. 

CapitalPlus specializes in factoring invoices for construction companies in various trades, and they work with B2B and B2G companies.

Ease of Application

Approval time for CapitalPlus can take between 24 and 48 hours. After you submit your application and complete all the required paperwork, it can take up to three days to be approved and receive an advance on your first invoice. 

CapitalPlus does not charge an application fee, and there are no long-term contracts.

Customer Service and Support

CapitalPlus offers a dedicated advisor to its customers, making it easy for you to get the help you need. It offers phone support Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. (ET). 

We contacted CapitalPlus to evaluate its customer service and see how helpful its representatives were. We received prompt responses to our emails, but the customer service phone support was more upfront with the lender's specific rates. Overall, we had a positive experience with CapitalPlus' support.


CapitalPlus' main drawback is that it does not offer nonrecourse factoring, which means if your customer doesn't pay CapitalPlus the invoice amount, you must buy the invoice back, which could disrupt your cash flow. 

Additionally, CapitalPlus requires a $6,500 minimum scheduled amount, which can be somewhat steep for new or relatively small businesses. However, if you own a construction company, the minimum shouldn't be an issue. 

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The Verdict

CaptitalPlus is a recourse factoring company that specializes in helping construction companies with financing issues.

Sean Peek
Sean Peek Contributing Writer
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