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Chaordix Review

By Business.com Editorial StaffLast Modified: December 18, 2017

Chaordix offers one of the purest examples of crowdsourcing by providing a platform wherein companies access the power of interested customers or fans to develop new products, conduct market research and help with promotions. It combines project management with social media to develop relationships as well as get things done.

Rather than setting up bids for a one-time project or parceling out simple tasks to a faceless crowd, this crowdfunding solution seeks to generate a community of followers interested in a particular brand. You can still post projects as a challenge and offer rewards for best designs, but you can also initiate group activities, have members of your community weigh in on specific innovations, and engage them in your promotional efforts.

Major corporations like LEGO and HTC use this platform to work with their loyal customers to generate new products or innovations. However, it can work for smaller businesses seeking to develop a loyal fan base as well as innovate. Chaordix works with creative and digital agencies, consumer product brands, university and government agencies, and innovation consultant firms.

This crowdsourcing platform not only allows you to get new ideas but to see customer reaction to the ideas before you've invested a lot of time into development and market research. In addition, you get people involved in the idea from the ground up, giving rise to early adopters and loyal fans who will help with word-of-mouth marketing.

Chaordix supplies you with a social media platform that focuses on recurring innovation challenges to foster community spirit as well as idea generation. People can respond, rate others and vote on ideas that deserve to be on the short list. You then select the best from that list. By keeping the community members in the decision-making process, you make it easier to leverage them for promotion of the new product.

Because this crowdsourcing solution does not work by project or task, but as a continuum, you need to call to get a quote on the service. The company will modify the platform to meet your specific needs, whether it's project innovation, customer feedback or generally leveraging your business's fan base for improving your product and promotion.

Chaordix goes beyond calls for a single project or task and instead brings together a group of interested people to work on a continuum of innovations and projects simply because they are fans of the brand. As such, it is pure crowdsourcing – getting the input and mind-labor of a large group of people, not only for a project, but for brainstorming, assessment, and promotion. If you need a specific project or groups of tasks done on a one-time basis, this may not be the crowdsourcing site for you, but if you are interested in building a community as well as getting outside innovation, then it's worth checking out.

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