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Chubb Review

By Business.com Editorial StaffLast Modified: December 18, 2017

Chubb’s Customarq General Liability insurance for business provides your company protection when personal or bodily injury, damage to property, or injury due to advertising occurs and your business is found responsible. Chubb has more than 130 years’ experience providing insurance products and services to businesses around the world. The company has a large presence in the insurance industry, with 120 offices in 26 countries and over 10,200 employees. Chubb backs its policies with financial strength. The Chubb Corporation reported $50.4 billion in assets and $13.9 billion in revenues in past years. Chubb has earned numerous industry awards and was named one of America’s 100 Most Trustworthy Companies by Forbes.

There are two main categories the company’s general liability insurance addresses: damages or injury that occur on your company’s premises or as a result of its operations, and liability from products your company manufactures, sells or distributes. Chubb has agents worldwide, so odds are you can find a local agent who can help you learn more or purchase a business liability policy. Customarq General Liability insurance can be purchased on its own or as part of a package that includes property insurance.

Chubb offers comprehensive insurance that includes coverage for lawsuits initiated in the United States, as well as in U.S. possessions or territories, or in Canada. Vendors, lessors of equipment and property, and existing subsidiaries are all automatically included as insured with the policy. If you have a joint ventures or a partnership, partners, members and member’s spouses are insured if they are sued while acting in an official capacity when related to your business. Chubb’s liability policy covers your employees from claims resulting from their work when acting on behalf of your company.

Chubb has a large catalog of business insurance products, so it can handle your general liability insurance needs as well as many other commercial insurance needs you may have. It protects small businesses with liability insurance or large corporations that need its global presence. It has been recognized as a trustworthy company and has the financial strength to handle claims that your company encounters, so that your business can continue to run without being hampered by resource-draining litigation.

Business.com Editorial Staff
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